Alicia Keys Voice Gives Out In Amsterdam

posted a few updates on Friday (September 27) where she was in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Early in the day, Keys posted that she made it to the country “safe and sound” and was ready for her first show, but then the next morning she announced “I had to cancel the show! I’m sittin here miserable. I would so rather be with ya’ll singing the songs and laughing and dancing and partyin’!” Keys explained, “The show last nite was off the chain. After ‘Fallin’ was over and I was on my way upstairs I felt a little something funny with my voice. I didn’t think it was a big deal cause sometimes after a show and all the heat and excitement my voice feels a little tired, but nothing that a little rest can’t fix. So I assumed that’s exactly what it was and I went back to the hotel anticipating a restful sleep and being a hundred percent tomorrow.” Well it didn’t end up that way, and after a doctor told her to rest a few days, she decided to cancel a couple shows over the weekend. Hopefully she’s OK by now and resumed her European tour schedule.

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