Alicia Keys Weighs In After Iraq Invasion

wrote in her online journal days after the U.S. led invasion of Iraq: “Its a strange time, aint it? In the air you feel it.. I think today God was crying for us. It rained all day non stop. I think God is saddened by the selfishness of man, the superficiality and the superiority complex that is leading us to God only knows where. He gave us choice, he gave us a mind that’s limitless in his likeness and we’ve only used it to destroy, to use people and for monitary gain. Caring nothing of the repercussions. Where is love? Where is she hiding? I’m saddened by it too, I have to admit. At times my mind wanders, and I start to think of the worst of things, of the way that things could be at its darkest point, I think of how I felt when I saw images of my own hometown after 9-11 and at a brief look I thought it was the Middle East, or some war ridden country, but it was here! And I was humbled and numbed by the possibilties.. of how much we’ve always takin for granted.”

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