Alicia Keys Wins Best R&B Album Award

took home the Best R&B Album award for ‘The Diary Of ’ at the Grammys on Sunday. Upon accepting the honor, Keys said, “Well, all right! Thank you so much. It’s so hard because you have to make this so quick. This album means so much to me but it wouldn’t be anything without the people who hold me down every single day. Crucial right here, the other half of Crucial Keys, who is an incredible musician and producer, and Jeff Robinson, my management who has been with me since day one. Without these people, I would be nothing. So I want to thank them. I want to thank all the other people who help make me create and make it possible. Peter Edge, Clive Davis, Andy Lack, Richard Palmese, Charles, radio and retail, Elroy at WGCI, the first person who played my record, and all people that really reached out to me and helped me. People, my band, Ray True, all the people that have been there with me and helped me every day make everything possible. So those are the people I want to thank. God, I want to thank every single person who loves music, the fans who care. (Applause) The ones who… the ones who really, really, really, really, you are the reason I am even here. Marty Bandy, thank you so much for all your love. Thank you.”

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