‘American Idol’ Not About The Look In Season 2

Jon Kelley, an anchor and correspondent for Extra TV was on CNN Live Today with Carol Costello to talk about the ‘American Idol’ winner , and the controversy about the voting. Asked about the controversy over race, which had many thinking a black contestant couldn’t win, Kelley responded, “I mean, I guess it goes to show those who thought that were absolutely incorrect. And early on, Simon had mentioned before this thing really got rolling. He said, I think people will be surprised this year. It’s not going to be about the look, it’s not going to be about the image; the person that wins this will have the voice, and I think Simon obviously predicted this one correctly. And I mean, Ruben, along with being black, he’s also not your typical “American Idol” stature. You know, you think of the guy with chiseled chest, and the buffed abs and also the sexy sirens that are doing it, but Ruben brings that velvet voice. He’s kind of like Barry White meets Luther Vandross. So I mean, his tones are incredible. You knew this kid would do great things, and he’s just getting warmed up. I love his attitude.” Read more.

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