‘American Idol’ Scales Tip In Favor Of Ruben

Ben Katner of TV Guide Online shared his thoughts on winning ‘American Idol 2’, despite being a man of very few words. Katner says, “See, every time our teddy bear came on, we felt like curling up and dozing off. It’s not his fault, mind you. We’re sure he’s a nice guy and all (not to mention cute and cuddly). However, Mr. Personality, he ain’t. Heck, we laughed out loud when host Ryan Seacrest marveled that the newly-crowned king of pop was speechless. Dude, wake up — when was he not?! For Studdard’s sake as well as our own, let’s hope his Svengalis have the sense to keep him in close proximity of Aiken. The only time the big lug truly comes alive is when he and his little buddy are goofing around.”

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