American Idol’s Tamyra Gray Without A Record Deal

Contributed Anonymously:

While some may have noticed the lack of American Idol Runnerup, Justin Guarini’s name on RCA Records’ artist list, no one seems to have noticed the complete lack of ’s name on any record label’s artist list. Sure, that might seem like a little nothing detail since Ms. Gray was signed to 19 Management even before the first American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson. However, sources say that both Guarini and Gray have been dropped from their labels. Guarini’s lack of a recording contract shouldn’t be a surprise, what with his album selling less than even one million copies; but Tamyra has done nothing like that. Maybe that’s what has prompted this sort of action: she has done nothing. American Idol 2 has come and gone and fans have moved on to Clay and Ruben, with another batch of American Idol hopefuls to come along within a few months. It’s a sad story to tell, but someone’s gotta do it. Here’s hoping someone scoops up J Records’ (former) sensation, .

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