Amerie Doesn’t See Much Of Nellyville Tour-Mates interviewed , who talked about her opening slot on the Nellyville tour. Asked if she had been hanging out with the other Nellyville artists, such as Nelly, Fabolous, or Cash Money, she responded, “Oh, all the time! We always … nah, I’m playing [laughs]. No, actually, I’ve met Nelly before, but I’ve spoken to him briefly. I haven’t seen his face on the tour yet. This is the third week and I haven’t seen him except on the stage. And I’ve seen Fabolous in passing. I’ve seen Cash Money kind of in passing. A lot of times we went to go film at the Apollo. We did Apollo tapings, we did Soul Train today, and I saw them. I guess when you’re an artist and you’re in a town and you just take advantage of what’s there. It’s definitely … you know, people think that when you’re on tour, you’re seeing everyone, but everyone is very much in their own world as far as what you’re doing business-wise. Sorry guys! No crazy stories and all that stuff.”

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