Amerie Maturing But Keeping Her Clothes On

Amerie near a brick wall

claims that her new album, ‘Touch,’ is more up-tempo and mature. To kick-start her return after being off the scene for a few years, R&B songstress reached back to her Washington, D.C., roots to get a little go-go flavor for her latest single, “1 Thing.”
“Being from D.C., I always loved go-go, and [producer] Rich Harrison used to be in a go-go band, so hewas always playing something,” said Amerie.”I touched on it a little bit with the last album, but I knew I wanted to touch on it again. So when my manager James Lassiter heard it, he knew it was the single.” The single, ‘1 Thing,’ is the lead song for the soundtrack of the movie, ‘Hitch.’

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