AmeriKKKan Idol?

Contributed anonymously:

When it comes to “American Idol”, it seems that if you are black you better win or go home. The viewers of this show have been accused of racism but the people behind this machine are truly the racist. Once the show is over and A.I. is done making these talented brothas and sistahs look like fools in those corny car commercials, making them skip around the stage singing like the damn Osmonds, and 19 Evil finishes filling their pockets from a multi-state tour what happens? Well, it seems like all the black singers who the judges and 19 raved about and pimped are suddenly not good enough to invest money in when it’s time to release their albums. Oh, and don’t they dare speak up cause massa will show them who be the boss. 19/A.I. has screwed over Justin Guarini so bad that he says if he had the chance to do it again, he wouldn’t. Ruben has complained about his treatment and we all know that it seems like Clay was the co-winner. Oh, and we cannot forget about the love A.I. gave to Corey Clark, Trenyce, and Frenchie. Now the latest victim in this B.S. is the talented .

For anyone who is familiar with the first season of this machine you will know of Ms. Tamyra Gray. She was the favorite to win. The one who Simon Cow, Paula who?, and Randy “looks like a dog” Jackson consistently raved about. You know the woman who Simon was shocked she was even on the show. Remember how she was featured in any promotion that A.I. did. Those were the good old days and apparently, 19/A.I. has developed amnesia. Somehow, they forgot that this woman is the total package. Tamyra just released her debut album called “THE DREAMER”. I am sure to many of you this will come as a shock. The most promotion she has received was appearing on “AmeriKKKan Idol” a few times. That was the basic pre-promotion and since her album release, all I hear is crickets. If you did not catch the last few shows then you would not know she had an album out. Her new single “Raindrops Will Fall” apparently will not be “falling” on radio. What successful artist does not have a song on the radio or a music video? I guess that is how they came up with the title of her album because only in her dreams was she going to hear her song on the radio. You had better believe if “cool beans” Clarkson or Clay Aiken had released “RWF” then we would all have umbrellas. It is not as if her management/label does not know how to promote. They have aggressively promoted their more pop oriented contestants and . I contend that they had to support Ruben because he won and the cries of racism. This must stop now! If 19/A.I. is not willing or able to support the African-American contestants of the show then let the public know now. I do not want to have to write another letter with the name changed to Fantasia, Jennifer, or Latoya.

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