Answer To Strange Beyonce TRL Moment

During the report about Kelly Rowland’s CD signing the crowd spoke of seeing Destiny’s Child star arrive. One of the guys in the crowd caught a glimpse of Beyonce’s butt crack as he put it. And said he should have taken a picture, it would be worth alot of money to tabloids. When the reporter came back from the clip she told Beyonce “Don’t worry we won’t let that guy near a camera”.

Apparently Beyonce had on some pants that were so low her butt crack was showing. And for that to happen she would have to be wearing no panties.


Why Beyonce looked so desperate hanging all over Jay-Z , and keep doing hand gusters tyring to imply that Jay-Z was her boyfriend.

I mean if they are together fine, but why make yourself look like a *ss on national TV; gurping a guy that seems to be just trying to perform. I mean he was actting like she just wanted him, and the feeling weren’t mutual. Or maybe he’s not ready to let everyone know that they are together, yet. Jay-Z did say ” he’ll never give his heart to a woman not for nothing, I’ll be forever macking”.

And what was up with Solange back stage throwing up the sign for Star Trek Records .The record label partly owned by Pharell Williams of the Neptunes. Who Beyonce is said to be really dating on the DL. And Beyonce turn to her and said something, as if she were upset. Beyonce even went as far as to put her Solange’s hands down while throwing up the sign.Then turns back to the cameras an gives a big smile, and hug to her sister. Solange just laughs though it all. Did anyone else catch all that? Or was it just me?

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