Aretha Goes For The Best, But Watches Her Budget

Talking about today’s over-the-top lifestyles, tells the New York Post, “I go for the best – best light man, best electrician, best hair stylist – but try not to be outdone economically. Too many end up with no money. It’s bad advice. They get carried away with 15 cars, buying over their heads. I’m coming in with two custom buses, a company of 23, including dancers I personally auditioned in Detroit. My own sleeper bus has kidskin leather, equipment like VHS, DVDs, cooking facilities, even a card room for the security people. But I tell you two things. After this tour I may cut back on some of the work but I’ll never stop singing. And, I sure intend to end up with my money.” Franklin’s new album ‘So Damn Happy’ is out September 16th.

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