Ashanti Makes A Surprise TRL Visit

made a surprise appearance on Friday at MTV’s Total Request Live in Times Square. The singer talked about the success of ‘Chapter II’, how Fabolous had to switch from her to Tamia on ‘Into You’, and she squashed any talk of a rivalry between her and Beyonce Knowles of Destiny’s Child, as the two compete in the album charts right now. Read on for a rough transcript.

 Ashanti, everybody!

 Hey! How you doing?

 I see you like every two weeks now.

 How are you?

 I’m good.

 Good to see you. Say hi to your fans. Ashanti is here! Surprise!


 We didn’t know you were coming.

 The number one album in the country. Come on over here.

 How you doing?

 Good. What the heck are you doing here, Ashanti?

 Hey, listen, i had to come and see my people. I did the “today” show today, so I’m feeling good!

 You looked great this morning.

 Thank you.

 Your album is number one. Been number one for two weeks. It was
announced a couple days ago it was number one. How are you dealing?

 Incredible. It is incredible. Second album, being number one, the sophomore jinx is gone! Thank you to all the people out there!

 We just saw the new fabolous video, and you sang that track on the album.


 But they had that Tamia in the video. What happened?

 It was kind of a — not a scheduling type of thing, but I did the original record and it was supposed to not be a single because i was flooded on the radio so I didn’t want to be on the radio too much. So they were like, you know, they Tamia and that was her original record. That was hot. It was hot that shy gotta Tamia and it was dope.

 I can’t believe Ashanti is here. Well very nice. We have to take a break right now. So much more to come. What do you think is the hottest summer tour? Bow wow is going to be here, 32 k and Omarion. Do you mind sticking around?

 Of course.

 Ashanti is sticking around. “Backstage pass week,” you never know
what to expect.

[ Cheers and applause ] No and welcome back to trl, checking out number
four. Good Charlotte, “girls and boys.” Down a spot yesterday. Still in the top five for most of the summer. These new videos seem t have their number. Number four, good Charlotte, “girls and boys.” Welcome back to the show. All we’ll we have been giving you the big news and big guess. Ashanti kind of surprised us. Show’s right here.

[ Cheers and applause ] She’s hanging, chillin’.

 Great. We had a chance to sit down with bow wow, his new album
called “unleash.” He is talking smack about everybody on the album. What do you think of Bow Wow?

 He looks cute with his hair cut up. I saw at mr. Child’s about a week ago. He’s doing his thing.

 He is all grown up. We let him unleash on everything including the ladies. Check it out.

[ Cheers and applause ]

 Number three, beyonce, “crazy in love.” Beyonce, got Ashanti here.
We had beyonce on a couple of days ago. You know what’s funny? The media, the press. How they have the ongoing battle between you guys. Because you released your albums the same day. Maybe they have a competition, but you see it as a camaraderie?

 No, it’s nothing like a competition. Almost like a healthy competition.
It’s like girl power. So many girls out there killing it right now.

 You make each other better.

 Yeah, you know?

 Just because the albums came out a week later doesn’t mean you’re

 Right. No rivalry or nothing like that. It’s all good.



 Lots of tours going on this summer, right?

 Lots of tours. We have the justified/stripped tour. Are you in the rock the mic tour?

 I don’t know. My schedule is kind of crazy.

 We understand. And the “american idol” tour, just to name a few of them. Then you’ve got the lollapalooza tour.

[ Cheers and applause ]

 All right. That was how you see it summer tours. More on how you see it, go to mtv.Com. We had mary j. And we told her how she said she was an an inspiration to you. Thank you for being here. She was into it.

 Everyone out there, i have a record signing today at the new guest
buy. On 86th. So come out.

 Make sure you check out the album.

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