Ashanti MTV Diary

’s episode of MTV Diary aired this week and followed the singer from her tour stops in early October. The singer talked about touring overseas, working with Murder Inc., visiting her old job, Glen Cove Child Day Care. Read on for a rough transcript.

What’s up, you all?

Many my diary you are guaranteed to see a side of me you have never
seen before.

Don’t even know why I’m letening you tape this makeup stuff. Come with
me on trains and vehicles while i tour and trust me.

Some noise for the princess ashanti!

You are also invited to my 22nd birthday party on paradise island in
the bahamas. Body deodorant! You can you can meet some of my friends and
family. This is the douglas family. Hello! Then come back to new york with
me as a cruise around the hometown for a funny trip down memory lane.

Hello! Cause lord knows I love to laugh. Can they take that other stuff

Every day…

…There is a battle.

Oh, boy.

This is going to be interesting.

What about me?

My life doesn’t suck.

I’m not a little girl anymore.

Trust me.

Sometimes I just like to steal.

I had no idea it was going to be such a big deal.

This is my life.

But you have no idea.

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It was so much fun toe doing the tour with ja rule overseas. We took
a train from london into paris. So where are we going now?

I forget. I’m sorry.

You’re as bad as me.

>>Re on the way to the hit machine, some kind of show for television.
They had working straight off the train. When we got to the show, there
was a lot of people lined up outside you know and that’s always a beautiful
thing to see. Overseas you have faithful fans. They know where they’re
going to be and show up with the picture with you and them. Where did you
get this from? Oh, my god.

Baby, no, no, no, no… what did you say, when we do television shows
overseas yi want to make sure you sound correct. It sounds muffled up here.

My days are cold without you…

What happens overseas the label usually sets up background singers.
Are you guys the background singers? Hi how are you you doing? Nice to
meet you what’s your name? Hichlt nice to meet you. I didn’t know who they
were and of course they spoke fren. But they knew them words. Nice to meet
those background singers.

My days are cold baby…

Thank you. You’re welcome. I smell food. Five minutes.

Yup. Be ready right now. Where’s the mike?

Ashanti! ( Cheers and applause )

baby i don’t know why you want to do me wrong

see when I’m home I’m all alone and you’re always gone…

The shofs really good. I like to go into the trucks to watch the replay
and to see exactly how it sounds, especially, you know, everybody has all
of this things, you know she can’t really sick. It’s television, the track
really playing. So i always make sghir and listen to it to see exactly
what it sounds like.

Thank you lrb

I just did my two records and we’re about to leave now. You’re welcome,
bye. Right here on the stage the single is baby, we’re on the third single
and overseas they’re usual lay lot slower.

Baby baby baby…

I’m like my gosh you can’t be serious. I asked the driver to turn it
up, I called the boss of murder inc. Records, i said guess what they’re
playing baby on the raid glow paris. He said baby! We pull up to the radio

Pick up your phone on the request line… and i get up there and I’m
thinking they’re going to do a nice little interview. What did they say?
Then like, you know, if you can write a little something, something for
our station that says skyrocket in it that was a first for me. What station
is so amazing keep it hot and blazing sky rock. Missy had data get your
freak on sounded hot. They want me to say the same thing sees saying? I
went in there and wrote out something quick and we recorded like in the
studio. All right.

Sky rock is the station that i choose

there is no other station i could use…

Usually when you go to the radio station they want you to customize
things around their station saying that they’re the hottest or whatever
it is.


But as far as you writing another song that was the first time that
happened to me. Thank you. Nice meeting you. The next morning early morning,
went to the airport and was heading to zurich to meet back up with the

To be overseas in an arena filled with people that don’t speak english
is bananas. Here we go to show. Where’s the bathroom senate

Go to the back.

This way?

You’re my fire make me weak

desire love you noe now we’re all going crazy…

They’re calling my name. They’re calling my name. The crowd is crazy.
I have a lot of fun performing live as a opposed to being in the studio.
And a live environment you get a chance to put more into a it and ro with
the people.

Come on…

You get a chance to you know kind of do something different and showcase
a little bit and do your thing. Thank you zurich! ( Cheers and applause
) it was so much fun to be doing the tour with ja rule.

Everybody get your han up.

Always on time gaveou my heart baby be mine…

I really miss it d cause it has been so long since we were honestly
able to hit the stage together. ( Cheers and applause )

Give it up for the princess one more time, you all, ashanti! ( Cheers
and applause )

The next beautiful morning everyone was happy to get out of that hotel.
We went downstairs, had a free breakfast. Thank you. It was kind of sad
because my mom had to go ahe was heed, she didn’t wan to leave. You have
to watch for the shuttle, mom. She was stalling actually trying to find
an excuse to state. Call me ten minutes let me know that you’re there.
Say bye to mtv.


We were ready to book. So we were on our way to germany. 0 it was like
an 8-our drive. We had D.V.D.’S. European vacation. I think it’s hot when

on the bus becauset gives you a time to mesh together. I have no problem
sleeping that long. 8 hour bus strip okay with me. We had to do spray.
And makeup on theusus again in germany. Don’t even know why I’m let heing
you tape the makeup stuff. There was a little rocky ride. We made a couple
of wrong turns, they had to break out the maps. We didn’t know what was
going on it made us extra late and finally we got to the arena.


Usually s people have take a deep breath and think about what’s going
on. I don’t really get the time to do that. Ait’s definitely a ball of
butterflies and the say, when i say murder, you all say ink! ( Cheers and
applause ) the feeling is definitely unexplainable. My 13-year-old sister,
I’m mad at her because she made me cry.

She’s crying, don’t cry.

I think you know but you have no idea. This is the diary of ashanti.

I’m thinking that we’re going to the bahamas because i have to do a
show. So we get on the jet and a notice there is these kind of signs and
stuff and a walk in there and my whole family jumps out from underneath
the seats, happy birthday! ( Cheers and applause ) everyone surprised me.
My 22nd birthday and we took the jet down to the bahamas. Oh, my gosh,
it was off the chain. It was beautiful. At the we stayed at the atlantis,
the first night we basically just all bum rushed the man’s karaoke moment.

Can’t get enough of your love baby…

My family is off the chain. We went over their dancing and singing loud.
We’re up to spontaneous things especially when it comes to dancing and
loud music. Good night

Good night.

My birthday, we were up in the jaid sweet crazy sweet in the atlantis.
My mom had it lookinge chucky cez in the room. She had balloons and streamers
and happy birthday signs all over the place. I had a huge birthday cake
and they sang.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday…

Make a wish! ( Cheers and applause )

It’s a little bigger.

This one is for milly.

I actually got some birthday gifts.

These are cute.

Cute. Oh, man. My 13-year-old sister, she wrote me a really, really
touchingcard. It was just oh, man, it was really touching. It’s hard, because
like, i don’t get a chance to really see hear lot.

She’s crying. Don’t cry.

It seemed like old times again and I feel like she kind of misses that
a little bit belike the whole family was there. We were having a good time
and we really don’t get a chance to do that anymore. Birthday night. See
that lightning, I hope to don’t rain. I feel like I’m on the red carpet.
The whole family went out to an exclusive restaurant. The gray cliff. Upon
waiting for the food to come out, you know, i don’t know my family we like
to gel and be loud.

Must be singing a song.

We started singing at the table. Everyone knows the I’m so proud song
but at the end my dad and my cousin had kind of customized the record for

Proud of you ashanti…

Oh, yeah! Come on.

And a wonder wonder wonder who is… ( laughter ) so that little spes
pooes my sister did is what got me my first record deal. That’s a great
piece that we all revisit every once in a while.

This toast is to my princess.

I ever gotti had so much to do with everything going on with me for
the pas year and it was so much a touching sincere, i guess loving gesture,
you know, to do what he did.

What I want to say to her family is that you passed the baton to the
murder inc. Family. No worries for ashanti, because gotti got her and she’s

He just wanted to make my birthday really special, which was really

Wow, this year’s birthday was would have to say one of the best. You
know, just being able to have both families, like my murder inc. Family
and my blood family just come together, that was like a dream, you know
what i mean? That was fantasy up until this year. So it’s something very
special to me. You know, one of the first, and I willefinely never forget
it. Home, home, home. Wow. That was definitely a trip down memory lane.
Hey how are you doi? I used to baby stit all those little girls I. Can’t
cover it. You think you know but you have no ia. One two three

So, home, home, home. Glen cove, strong island. Here you go. Thank you.
You can never really understand where you’re going unless you know you
came from.I definitely know where i came from. We started off by going
to my old high school. Wow, zooming down here i remember every morning.
I was late I. Used to park right here. At this little corner. And I had
to walk all the way from there all the way down here. There is my aunt’s
car. She made first black assistant principal. My aunt was up there. How
are you? Wow. They’re practicing for the play in there. See. People get
in trouble for the same stuff. I got a chance to see my old anti-or who
started calling me loud mouth. That ed nice to see you. Where are you bringing
me? All right. Oh, my gosh. This was my seat right here. This was the sopranos
side alto side and all of the guys sat here. There is oklahoma, the play
i did.

Oklahoma and the…

We saw my old terrible picture on the wall of fame from the girl’s track.
I can’t even cover it. Old glen cove high. See at the bottom. How are you
doing? Oh, my god. Burn it. Next we went to where I grew up. I haven’t
been here in i don’t know how long. The block seemed very narrow now. Stos
small. As opposed to when i was growing up that was the hottest block to
me. Everything looks exactly the same. The same nasty door. Oh, my gosh.
And this was my house. Let me just show you this cut right here. You see
this right here, came from the top that have fence right there. Right there.
All these cuts came on this block. Don’t be zooming in. Hey how are you

Hi ashanti.

I used to baby-sit all of those little girls.

Tadpole. Me and him used to go to the same baby-sitter, his name is
tad, i call him tadpole, i don’t know he’s real tall. Real quick, we jeted
over to the hot spot after the parties. After the parties andances and
stuff, everybody used to go to garvey’s point. They got the windows hot
and steamy but not me. I wasn’t doing that. Wow, looked nasty down here
now. Many babies were born at garvey’S. Any of this looks familiar this
is from the happy video.

I’m so happy baby… next we went by my old job, glen cove child day
care which is dedicated to my grandfather james davis. Everything looks
the same.

How does it feel to come back here?

Oh, my gosh it feels good, crazy. Can I come in here?

Yeah you can go in there.

Oh, my gosh this was my room. I saw some of the class riplgz used to
teach in. I used to be on top of these cots laying out. A lot of people
that i used to work with.

You keep pushing baby.

And it smelt the same like milk and diapers. Still smells the same.
Long time no see. A lot of the people i ran into I’m the same old ashanti
and it’s great to get the hometown love. See you later. Nice seeing you.
I believe it’s a blessing when you can sit and say your reality exceeds
your dreams.

So proud of you.

I thank god for everything that has gone on in the past year. So definitely
a beautiful thing. See you guys later

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