Ashanti Not Down With 50 Cent, Loyal To Ja

Contributed Anonymously:

During the pre-show for the MuchMusic Video awards up in Toronto, Canada, looked beautiful walking the red carpet with Irv Gotti. A fan asked for an autograph and as reached for it, she saw that is was a poster with 50 Cent on it. She told the fan “I can’t sign that,” and tried to give back the pen. The fan quickly showed her that the back was plain, and gracefully signed the blank back.

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2 thoughts on “Ashanti Not Down With 50 Cent, Loyal To Ja

  1. James says:

    She fu**ing dumb she ain’t gonna make no money with Ja Rule she just need to go on and sign with 50. Ja Rule when’s ya new movie coming out you fake ass actor and nigga in your interviews stop acting and trying to sound like Pac bitch. Ja Rule you wanna know what would be best for you. You should sign with G-Unit ha ha you week ass rapper though the song with Lil Wayne was gonna bring you back that’s Wayne sh** you suck and what’s your best Sigal right now bitch my body my body

  2. 2pac says:

    Stop fu**ing coping my style that not cool dog you not me you a bitch and the mirror sucked ain’t heard sh** about it talking about you doing all types of things working and sh** stop lying in your interviews. You know you finished 50 and G-Unit and I hope Ashanti leaves your broke ass cause she ain’t gonna get no money fu**ing with you. Fight me bitch.

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