Ashanti Performs ‘Foolin’ On Regis & Kelly

was on Regis And Kelly Tuesday to perform ‘Foolin’ and talk about her new album afterwards with the hosts. To check out their brief conversation, read on for a transcript.

Regis: I like that.

Ashanti: Thank you.

Regis: That’s a catchy one, isn’t it.

Kelly: Beautiful. I love that song. Look how good you look.

Ashanti: Thank you.

Kelly: A bona fide superstar.

Regis: 21 years old from Glen Cove, Long Island.

Ashanti: Long Island.

Regis: Writes all of her own music and is one of the hottest young performers in music today. You wrote all of the songs.

Ashanti: Of course. I co-wrote one record with Ja Rule.

Regis: Right.

Kelly: You performed on his album, yes?

Ashanti: Yes, i did.

Kelly: What’s that like working with and being — it seems lib everybody is expecting huge things from you, the biggest stars in the business. So when you have the support of them behind you, what’s that do for you?

Ashanti: Wonderful. It’s overwhelming to have such platinum artists to work with. It’s a blessing.

Regis: Who discovered you?

Ashanti: It’s kind of funny. It was an accident how my mom found out
that I can sing.

Regis: How did she fin out?

Ashanti: I was doing chores in my house. I was 12, 13 years old. She’s like no radio, no television. So she comes flying down the steps. I said I thought i told you no radio. I was like, mom, that was me singing. I was singing.

Regis: Mom said, we got a winner here.

Ashanti: Exactly.

[ Applause ]

Regis: I know you’re very busy with your career and singing and writing. Do you have a social life? Are you dating anyone? Would you like to meet the bachelor?

Ashanti: Actually, i have no time.

Regis: No time at all?

Ashanti: No time.

Regis: Listen. Don’t look right now, but there’s a guy right behind you in a hat. Just think about it for a minute. He’s staring at you. He can wait. Together we’ll turn around and confront him. Ha! So anyway, Ashanti, where do we go from here? We’re on the charts, zooming.

Ashanti: We’re touring next.

Regis: Going on tour. Summer’s coming up.

Kelly: Country wide or world wide?

Ashanti: We’re trying to go overseas, definitely.

Regis: By yourself.

Ashanti: Ja rule, Jay-Z and P. Diddy.

Regis: P. Diddy. I love P. Diddy. Yes. [ Applause ] you’re getting into
major leagues now. Good luck to you, kiddo.

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