Ashanti Performs ‘Happy’ On TRL

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to talk with host Carson Daly and perform ‘Happy’ which is on the countdown. touched on going to Janet Jackson’s birthday party and says *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake wasn’t there, so she’s not aware if the two hooked up. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Let me bring out my first guest. This young lady had 3 top
5 singles all at the same time and the biggest selling debut by a female
artist ever say wha’ssup to Ashanti!


Carson: Ashanti makin’ her way down. She was in the house checkin’ out
the MTV summer crib.


Carson: Come on, baby. Makin’ your way. Wha’ssup?


Carson: You look very nice.

Ashanti: Thank you.

Carson: Very summery, very New Jersey.

Ashanti: Thank you.

Carson: Great to have you here.

Ashanti: Jersey! Crazy out here


Carson: You know, I’ve known you if a while. We have to mention you
know with Fat Joe and Ja Rule you were featured on it now just on your
own blowin’ up. You don’t need those boys right.

Ashanti: Ha-ha. You know those are my brothers.

Carson: You could do it all on your own.

Ashanti: Tryin’.

Carson: What are you 21 now.

Ashanti: Yes.

Carson: Could you imagine a couple years ago you would be on your own
this big.

Ashanti: Not in a million years.

Carson: Like two million records sold now.

Ashanti: Yes.


Ashanti: Thank you. Thank you, folks, of course!


Carson: There was “foolish” about the wrong guy and “happy” now about
the right guy.

Ashanti: Exactly.

Carson: Who is this guy?

Ashanti: Uh-oh, there he is, there he is.


Ashanti: They were matching, ha-ha


Carson: Didn’t you write “happy” what like the honey moon period of
a relationship? Things were good.

Ashanti: Well, in the beginning, you know, of the relationship that
inspired me to write “happy”.

Carson: Then did a video in glen cove right.

Ashanti: Glen cove, straw island, 5 minutes from my house, you know.

Carson: You’ll perform, we’ll watch vanessa and give you a second to
get out with the dancers.

Ashanti: All right.

Carson: Ashanti performs “Happy” whenever we see it on the countdown
but here is Vanessa Carlton “Ordinary Day”


Carson: That’s Vanessa Carlton “Ordinary Day”. She’ll rock that as part
of all access she’s at 7. Of course Ashanti hangin’ out with. Some artists
enjoy their time in the studio layin’ down tracks, some love to tour and
sing live. Where do you fall?

Ashanti: Uhm, it is a special kinds of adrenaline when you go on stage
and the crowd is crazy and singin’ your records.

Ashanti: In the studio, you know, you get to krazy and you know do your
thing so it’s kinda in the middle.

Carson: You are doing “Happy” for us in a minute but tell me about Janet
Jackson birthday party.

Ashanti: My gosh, bananas, in Miami. She’s a beautiful person. I was
performin’ on a nice glass stage, a really hot, hot party.

Carson: Any truth to Janet and Justin Timberlake, did you see any of
that goin’ on.

Ashanti: No.

Carson: Hey I’m just asking. We are readin’ they were hangin’ out in
like Miami. Did you see anything.

Ashanti: I didn’t see him at the party, so I don’t know.

Carson: Murder inc, Irv Gotti presents —

Ashanti: Yes.

Carson: A lot going on.

Ashanti: Of course, my family.

Carson: I heard nas was hangin’ out with —

Ashanti: The saga continues. It will be crazy, yeah.

Carson: Good for you. Here is the deal whenever “Happy” is on the top
10, it falls you’ll come out and quickly perform.

Ashanti: ‘Cool.

Carson: Good news you beat Eminem here because he is is at 6 “Without
Me” and Ashanti she’ll do it live here at the beachhouse here is em at
6 on trl


Ashanti: All right!


Carson: All right. There is eminem at 6 “without me” all access week
continues I’m here with one of Ashanti’s biggest fans. What’s your name.

Fan: Shaniqua.

Carson: Where from.


Carson: What about Ashanti, where are you such a big fan.

Fan: Her voice is beautiful, she’s at beautiful, she’s hot, she’s butta,
she’s murder, she’s murder.

Carson: All right I’ll get out of the way. It is all about the fans
introduce her.

Fan: Up 3 spots on the countdown seaside make some noise for Ashanti!


Ashanti: Jersey!

Ashanti: Yeah!

Carson: There you go Ashanti, irv gotti is here, murder, inc that was
lovely. Thank you. How about a round for the dancers, too.

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