Ashanti – Please Stop!

Contributed Anonymously:

Why does think she’s ever as hot as Beyonce? I don’t understand why she all of a sudden started wearing those booty shorts and started trying to shake her stuff like Beyonce. She can’t compete and she needs to stop trying. It’s not just that she’s not as cute, but she’s trying to imitate Beyonce in every way. I just saw her on a commercial before Direct Effect and she was telling people to buy Concrete Rose, Beyonce never ever pushes or promotes herself so blatantly. Her awards and incredible talent and appeal does it for her. She’s universal. The whole world loves her (yes haters, she’s got fans on every continent). Also, now is dating a rapper (Nelly). Hmmm… Beyonce is dating a rapper too right? Yea I think his name is Jay-Z and he’s the greatest rapper of all time. Nelly is in no way Jay-Z status, and I also think that Nelly is dating because he couldn’t have Beyonce, so he needed another R&B singer. Honestly, the only thing and Beyonce have in common are unique names.

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