Ashanti Turns Her Nose Up To Eminem

Top of the Pops caught up with for a Q&A and asked the singer if she planned on working with her Murder Inc. labelmate Ja Rule again in the future. “I’m definitely going to work with Ja again,” she said. “Murder Inc. is like a big family unit and it’s more like big brother and little sister as opposed to label mates, or co-workers, so we’ll definitely work together again.” On the other hand, Ja’s rival Eminem wasn’t an artist she had any interest in teaming up with. And asked what she thought of Slim, responded, “My album is in stores, June 30th [roars with laughter]. Let’s move off the Eminem topic.”

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One thought on “Ashanti Turns Her Nose Up To Eminem

  1. Cassie Hicks says:

    All right, Ashanti!;) You tell it like it is!=)

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