Ashanti Visits MuchMusic

recently stopped by MuchMusic on Tuesday (March 15), where she answered questions from host Matte. Asked what some of the craziest things she has done in the name of love, the singer responded, “I think I wrote a lot of them in this book [‘Foolish and Unfoolish’]. One of the craziest things that sticks out: I remember I was getting into an argument with my boyfriend and we were driving, and it was like a blizzard, snowstorm outside, heavy traffic. And I got so mad at him I stopped the car in the middle of traffic. We got out and we’re screaming at each other, and we’re like in front of my car and then all of those cars are blowing at us, you know, giving us the finger and things like that. And we started– instead of arguing with each other– yelling at the people yelling at us. So we kind of teamed up and it kind of brought us back together, so it was kind of cool.”

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