Ashanti Visits ‘The Late Late Show’

was on ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn’ on Thursday night to chat with Craig, and also perform ‘Southside’ with Lloyd. told Craig about the origin of her name, how her mother “discovered” she could sing at age 12, her first song, her dating status, and more. Read on for a rough transcript.

Our first guest is a grammy-winning r&b artist who is at the
age of 23 has already sold 25 million albums. Please welcome the lovely


Craig: I know — how tough is it to walk?

Ashanti: My god, it’s so restricting. Craig: Do you practice that for

Ashanti: I did in the hallway just once or twice.

Craig: How did it feel?

Ashanti: Like a robot.

Craig: You have to wear all of these things. It’s easier to take them
off. Ashanti, it’s a lovely name. Fun to say.

Ashanti: It orge nates autoof gana. It means being a strong woman. There
is a trial called the ashanti people.

Craig: That’s good. — Tribe called ashanti people. Craig: Do you have

Ashanti: God, do i.

Craig: Do they call you? , Bonbon. Big head.

Craig: Why bonbon?

Ashanti: My aunt used to call me seany bonnie and then it got southened
to bonbon.

Craig: Are you one of those kids who started singing at a really early

Ashanti: Yeah, i actually started about 12 years old.

Craig: Not too early.

Ashanti: Everything that happened to me was kind of an accident. I was
vacuuming one night and my mom told me don’t listen to the radio or watch
the tv because you’ll take too long and I was singing and she came running
downstairs and said i thought i told you not to listen to the radio and
i said mom, it’s not the radio, it was me singing.

Craig: That’s amazing. She thought you were the radio and the vacuum
of course was the instruments. I have no idea. Do you remember what song
you were singing? What year was it?

Ashanti: This had to be late 1991 or 1992. I was singing reminisce with
mary J. Brige.

Craig: Remember when she covered or when she had you inching by the

Ashanti: Yeah.

Craig: Thank you, i just wanted to prove a point. So when did you start
— when did you start writing your own songs? How old were you?

Ashanti: When I was 14, i was signed to jive records. Whoa. Yeah, I
remember my first record that i wrote.

Craig: Is this good or bad?

Ashanti: My writing has come a long way, I’ll say that.

Craig: Let’s talk about this for a while. Who song — what insired that?
Was it a vacuum or anything like that?

Ashanti: It waunts vacuum. I had a boyfriend. The record was called
can’t stop.

Craig: Ok. I’m going to tread lightly here, but you guys were 14.

Ashanti: See, he was actually a little bit older but i didn’t tell my
mom until later. Don’t do that, girls.

Craig: 15, 16? Ok. So can’t stop. Do I want to know?

Ashanti: What is it? Can’t stop thinking about the way —

craig: Do you guys want to hear ashanti sing her first song?

[Applause] It was on the album, right?

Ashanti: No!

Craig: You wrote this song and it wasn’t on one of the albums for jive

Ashanti: No, i never completed —

craig: It was really bad, probably?

Ashanti: Well, it’s not foolish.

Craig: This is cool. Can’t stop, go ahead.

Ashanti: Oh, how did it go?

Can’t stop thinking about you when i call out your name I think you’re
thinking of me too

craig: That’s great!


Craig: That’s really good.

Ashanti: I was like 14. Oh, god.

Craig: I thought it was going to be — that was like really cool. There
is a quote. Tell me who you think about this one. Tell adegrees, — tell
ashanti that chingy would liking to out with her. When did you hear that
quote for the first time?

Ashanti: Someone had mentioned that they heard a little something on
the radio a while ago.

Craig: How did you respond to that? Do you know him?

Ashanti: I don’t know him? We actually did a show one time. He was cool.

Craig: Guys actually do that. I think I said once I want to meet raquel
welch and I was 10 years old so nobody really heard that. Do you go out
with a famous person? Should i shut up? Do you have a boyfriend now?

Ashanti: No, i do not have a boyfriend now. I do not go out with a famous
person. Would I? Maybe.

Craig: You probably have a long line of guys who wants to go out with
you, right?

Ashanti: I don’t know. Are you guys here —

craig: That’s funny. Stay with us. “Five questions” when we come back
with ashanti.

One, two, three, four, five more questions, mr. Kilborn


Craig: We’re back with ashanti. And she’s going to singularity. This
is going to be with lloyd. This is lloyd’s C.D. You sing on one of the

Ashanti: Yeah.

Craig: And you have done a lot of stuff. You won a grammy last year,
didn’t you?

Ashanti: Yes.

Craig: That’s amazing, right? What was the bigger thrill, you’re from
long island. What was the bigger thrill, winning the grammy or the key
to the city? What was the bigger thrill?

Ashanti: Stop!

Craig: You don’t like the picture? How exciting was that?

Ashanti: Oh, it was amazing. Actually my family has done a lot in the
town. My grandfather in the fire station and tran naacp. It was an honor.

Craig: How old when you wrote this?

Ashanti: This is actually a collection of some songs and some are just
true poetry.

Craig: How smart is that? Let’s make money off of them. Was that your
mother’s idea?

Ashanti: It’s in its fivets printing right now. — Fifth printing right
now. It is based on a true story about a coach. It’s a basketball team.
We came from a poverty-stricken area.

Craig: Are you a cheerleader?

Ashanti: No. I’m a poverty stricken 17-year-old who wants to be a star
basketball player and in the movie, we had this drama.

Craig: I got it.

Ashanti: We have this drama and he has to decide whether he’s staying
with me or taking his scholarship and moving away.

Craig: You have to stay with ashanti. That’s what i say. Time for “five
questions.” Here we go. You have never played. You have never played “five
questions.” Ready? We start with geography. Blank iced tea. You remember
match game?

Ashanti: Long island?

Craig: Let’s see. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s correct. You performed
at halftime at the tampa bay versus philadelphia eagles championship game.
Who twhoon game?

Ashanti: I think it was the buccaneers.

Craig: Yeah, there you go. A lot of times they sing and take off. They
don’t care who wins the game. You can only have one of these for the rest
of your life. Bacon or sausage for the rest of your life. Only one.

Ashanti: For the rest of my life? Sausage.

Craig: Sorry. Bacon.

Ashanti: Ias going to say bacon.

Craig: Well, you didn’t, did you? Other than intersandman, what’s your
favorite medicalal ca song? — Met alca song? Do you know any songs?

Ashanti: I don’t know.

Craig: That’s correct, ladies and gentlemen. All right. Finally some
of your songs have naughty lyrics. What are four tv-friendly terms for
making love? Ready? Go.

Ashanti: Getting it. Getting busy. Knocking boots. Stranking it, I don’t
know! — Spanking it, I don’t know!

Craig: Look at mom. She’s so proud. All right. The C.D. Is called “southside.”
She’s going to sing later with lloyd. Bing hand for ashanti.

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