Ashanti’s Embarrasing Moment

Ashanti 'Concrete Rose'

Admin note: This story was anonymously submitted.

I was listening to Kiss 98.5 in Buffalo this last Tuesday, and I have to say I will never listen to that station again. So they have a phone interview with and everything was going fine, they talked about her album, her upcoming movie, and her future plans. Then all of the sudden, Nelly’s name comes up. They talk about him for about 30 seconds, said the same thing she’s said about her and Nelly a hundred times (that they are not dating) and then the DJ asked how Nelly feels about her facial hair and just hung the up the phone. That was so rude and unprofessional. If I were in ’s shoes, I would have had some words for that jerk.

Admin note: Maybe someone else in Buffalo can confirm this interview actually took place? Update: sounds like this was fake:

Re: Ashanti’s Embarrasing Moment (Score: 1)
by summerlove on Monday, December 20 @ 21:19:57 CST
I got an email from 98.5 in Buffalo and they said it wasn’t true and they loved ashanti..

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