Ashanti’s Time of Shining Is Over

Contributed anonymously:

, the wannabe Aaliyah, Beyonce Knowles, Janet Jackson and Mary J. Blige has proved to the haters everytime when she comes out with a video a record or when she sings live on stage. She can’t sing for sh**, she is flat and off key her dancing is horrible. Just as bad as her singing. And she proved that in her newest video ‘Break Up To Make Up Remix’. If you have seen the video can you say “Beyonce wannabe” with me and “jock”.

When she first came into the game she tried to act as if she was gonna be the new Aaliyah or something. Irv Gotti and Ja calling her the “New Princess of Hip Hop and RnB” knowing that is Aaliyah titles but for Ashanti to be new in the game and being called the “Princess” is a dissgrace towards all the other female artists who has talent unlike Ashanti. Who in the Music Bizz isn’t better than her? Whatever she can do another female artist can do it waaaay better.

She can’t even come out with a record with out using other people’s beats and she so called herself and orginal artist and telling sources “she is not an average artist” but for someone who jocks off from other female artists just to sell should stay quiet.

Ashanti’s mother should get smacked for lying to her daughter and let her get on stage and holding a mic. How can a mother lie to her daughter like that? If I was her mom I would have felt embarrass for her and snatch her little behind of the stage so bad and found her another job.

Ashanti says God is by her side all the time…well I think NOT because to me it seems like God has been taking the day offs from being by her side.

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One thought on “Ashanti’s Time of Shining Is Over

  1. damn shame says:

    It must have been a female that wrote this….that or a gay dude. Why would someone want to spend their time writing something like this? You live a sad life. If you hate Ashanti so much why would you speak on her? How does her making music and doing whatever else she does effect you and your life? I know there are some lonely attention starved people in the world but this takes the cake. You can’t be a real writer…just a worthless person with a chance to make a blog. Why not do the world a favor and jump head first off a tall building?

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