B2K Host TRL Tuesday

was guest host on MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday. A phoner asked Razz B to marry him and he responded, “I am single but I kinda think I’m too young to get married but if you meet me around 25, we talk, ha!” Meanwhile, Lil’ Fizz commented on the girl that said he couldn’t dance at the prom they took part in. “Eh, yo, all I’m sayin’ I was tryin’ to dance the worst I could to get away from her, you know what I’m sayin’? But she kept comin’ after me, man. She wouldn’t leave me alone. That’s all I’m sayin’ hey had to clear that up. She was goin’ like…” Finally, when quizzed if any of the group was going out with their sister group TG4, whose ‘Virginity’ video they premiered earlier in the countdown, they responded, “Ah, man. Uh, no I’m tellin’ you they are like our sistas. I’m lookin’ at y’all.”

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