B2K Leaves Fans Goin’ Crazy At TRL

was on NBC’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to talk with Carson Daly and play their hit song ‘Uh Huh’. The guys hyped up their album out next Tuesday and played a 45 second Q&A session. They guys say they don’t have girlfriends and their most often ate food on the road was McDonalds. Read on to check out a transcript.

Carson: All right they are young, single and takin’ phone numbers
after the show please welcome b2k.

Carson: B2k has senlt this crowd into an unbelievable fan hysteria,

>> Thank you.

Carson: Haven’t seen this in a long time. I should first say congratulations
and welcome to the show this is the perfect place for you.

>> Thank you.

Carson: Great to have you here does it surprise you — shhh, does it
surprise you? I know you have been on tour but the hysteria, hysteria like
the over the top? I mean trl we have seen our share of crazy fans. What
is it about b2k, these people are makin’ such a connection with.

>> I don’t know. We just love our fans so much.

>> Yeah

Carson: The guys have a record comin’ out next tuesday. And let’s go
down the line and say your name and a little bit about how you got your

>> I’m lil fiz

>> thank you and i’m the rapper of the group so it means my flows bubble.

Carson: Okay

[inaudible] I’m omar yon and —

>> that means after can king and

[inaudible] means

Carson: Very good.

>> All right i’m raz-b

[cheering] and raz comes from my raspy voice when i sing.

>> My name is j-boog

>> ha-ha and it comes from when i was a bit younger i was 5 and dancin’
at a family reunion and my grandmother started callin’ me boogie and my
birth name is jarelleso i took the “j” and the “boog” and got j-boog.

Carson: I know these girls must attack you. Whose got the scar nchs
i do. We were in detroit comin’ out of the.

>> Show the scar.

>> I got pulled over a barricade and i got scars right there but we
love all our fans, you know.

Carson: You all have scratches and bruces — bruises, i’m sure.

>> Yes.

>> He’s got them, too.

>> Right there.

Carson: Battle wounds on these guys. We are glad you are here. Yule
perform in a bit. Congratulations on the success. More with b2k after this.
More spring cleaning coming up on trl, the rest of your top 10 and we’ll
put these guys through the ringer like we did tiger woods a few days ago.
We’ll be right back.

Carson: Happy birthday to shaq and also my buddy bubba sparxxx in athens,
georgia. Have one for me, big guy. Come back to trl, we are with b2k and
their crazy fans. How many more daitsz on tour, about four i i’m not mistaken,
new mexico quickly and phoenix l.A..

>> Phoenix, l.A.. We have two l.A. Shows and want to let everybody know
on tour, you know, there’s a lot that goes on tours not just for, you know,
you have a lot of work especially with a manager like were he do,

[inaibible] he keeps us in our books, wee do schools 5 days a week,
5 hours a day, keeps us in dance rehearsals four day as week 3 hours a
day so we do work on tour.

>> We look out for our next tour

[inaudible] and our european tour we’ll come back and hit y’all with
a summer tour startin’ june 14th

Carson: And the album is out tuesday. You are excited right.

>> Yeah yeah, our album comes out march 12th.

>> Please go pick it up. And our big brothers

[inaudible] album in stores, too, self-titled

[inaudible] so y’all pick that up, too.

>> Pick it up.

Carson: All right 45 seconds on the clock we’ll put you through ringer
as we do with first-timers. Sort of answer the questions, 45 seconds on
the closer. Ok marion, who gets the most girls?

>> Me.

Carson: Shhh. Guys, quiet, please. Raz-b, the slob of the group.

>> No slob.

Carson: Good answer lil fizz what trl artist are you obsessed with?

>> Me.

Carson: Yourself?

>> Ha-ha.

Carson: All right. You can do that. J-boog, do you guys have girlfriends?

>> No

Carson: Omar yon back you to the one thing you can’t live without on
the road.

>> Gummy bears.

Carson: Razz-b who gets most home sick and calls sis mom the most.

>> Omar yon

[crowd simultaneously] ohh.

>> Lil fizz what food do you gu always eat on the road?

>> Mcdonald’s

Carson: J-boog biggest turn-off.

>> Uh.

Carson: Hold on.

>> Uhh, buggers.

Carson: Fair enough. B2k through the ringer. We’ll have them perform
in a bit. Let’s watch michelle branch “all you wanted” up 3 spots, video
4 today and you are watchin’ wednesday’s trl

Carson: Michelle branch “all you wanted” we made sure we had a packed
house full of b2k fans no. 3 on the countdown performing their hit “uh-huh”
here is b2k on trl

>> yeah.

>> Hey, yo trick. How you gonna come up with something like this, man?
Yeah. When this come on, they’ll be like “uh-huh.” Ha-ha. Red zone. Yo
b2k. Yo, where you at?

i know thatouou wantin’ this. Tell me, can you handle it? Show me how
you work dem hips. And maybe you can roll with it. (Uh-huh) let me hear
you sing huh, huh c’mon say huh, huh, huh c’mon, c’mon b2k we love y’all

Carson: Very nice. One more time give it up to b2k, nice work fellas.

>> Thank you.

Carson: Very good. The album is out tuesday check it out and on tour.
‘Nice to meet you guys. Thank you for being here.

>> Thank you.

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