B5 ‘Don’t Talk Just Listen’ Track By Track Part 1

B5 2007

posted part one of their video clip describing tracks on their new album ‘Don’t Talk Just Listen’, in stores on Tuesday (September 11). Watch the 4-minute clip below.

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2 thoughts on “B5 ‘Don’t Talk Just Listen’ Track By Track Part 1

  1. megan says:

    Hey you guys me and my friends really miss you and are ready for another concert well tell everybody I said hey! My favorite song y’all wrote was she got it like that. My favorite member is Patrick.

    with lots of love,

  2. megan says:

    Hey its me again I just watched track by track interview and y’all are so crazy talking about left to right it was so funny oh… and Patrick you got a very sexy laugh and how Caenell says here bottom and when Kelly and Dustin say ‘ any girl with a nice right to left’ LOL:)
    Bryan didn’t talk very much and she got it like that is my favorite song and Patrick you were right I did fall in low with when I heard it and I love you guys and really ready for another concert so with lots of love MEGAN!!!!

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