B5’s Bryan Checks In After Radio Appearances & Pizza Party

Bryan Breeding of posted the following blog to fans on the group’s MySpace (@b5online) on Wednesday (September 5):

Only 6 days till Don’t Talk Just Listen!!!

What’s up it’s Bryan!! Wow what a great confusing day lol .. I woke up at 7:00am thinking it was night time.. But really it was morning but I thought that it was last night because no one woke me up in the bus when we got to the hotel…. So of course I was sleeping all night thinking it was the afternoon LOL. Anyways earlier today, we went to a radio station and did like 1,000,000 drops that took a while… than we had a pizza party!! It was really fun .. I love pizza parties! But wasn’t to hungry … after that we went to a second radio station … that took a few hours and was awesome because we had 4 contest winners there to show love .. And they showed a lot too!!! But that’s all people talk to you later… !!! Peace!!


Don’t Talk Just Listen in stores in 6 days!!!

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