Badu Rides Her Grooves Through A Sometimes Bumpy Ride

Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune reviewed ’s concert Saturday at the Auditorium Theatre. Kot writes, “At their best, Badu and her band floated like restless butterflies among styles of music, usually within the same song, creating the impression of an organic African-American sampling machine responsive to every one of the singer’s whims. Over this fluid bottom, Badu dispensed messages about self-realization and feminist empowerment, embodied by the vogue poses she struck in ‘Cleva’ and the turntable scratching solo in ‘On & On’, in which she used fingers, an elbow and even her teeth. But about two-thirds of the way into the show, Badu threw off the pacing by delivering a 10-minute state of the world address. Her points about racism and corporate advertising were well-received, but she followed with a handful of ballads that left the crowd restless.” has since removed the article.

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