BangBang Discusses Rihanna Gun Tattoo

Brooke Anderson of ‘Showbiz Tonight’ talked with BangBang, ’s tattoo artist, about her new gun tattoo. Asked how the 21-year-old singer was doing, BangBang responded, “She is doing great. She is excellent. I think she is better than she has ever been. I have known her a couple years now. I think she is happy as can be.”

As for why Rihanna decided to get the tattoo, he said, “It started of as a birthday present for one of her friends. He really wanted a tattoo. And she loves getting tattooed by me. So she talked about me for a while, flew me to L.A. to tattoo him. And I wound up tattooing her the same day… As far as why it`s a gun. a lot of people have been asking me, ‘Do you think it has something to do with her domestic violence issues?’ And I would say absolutely not. If someone asked me what a gun means to me, maybe protection and power. It`s very empowering. And she is very empowered right now.” BangBang added that they didn’t talk about Rihanna allegedly being assaulted by Chris Brown.

Video of the interview, aired Friday (March 27), at has since been removed.

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  1. pl says:

    I think that tattoo is cute! I would’ve gone a bit bigger!!

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