Be Easy On Beyonce

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Being a hater doesn’t simply mean not liking an artist. I’m not saying everyone’s got to like Destiny’s Child star , but haters go out of their way to say bad stuff about certain artists so that they can get supporters to not like them with them. That’s kind of sad; I’m not going to lie. If you want to legitimately say that Beyonce is talentless that is hard, because more people think she CAN sing than people think that she can’t. Beyonce is continuing to do her thing. She’s Hollywood’s “golden girl”. So there’s got to be another reason why some of you don’t like her.

I really don’t believe you care about her degree of talent. I think some of you haters don’t like the attention she gets. How many times has Beyonce’s body been named one of the top bodies in Hollywood? You haters call her fat, Hollywood calls her hot. Also, I was kind of pissed off about the post that said Beyonce is “Not a diva”. When I saw the title I thought it was going to be a positive post saying that Beyonce is a nice person; however it spoke about how she isn’t beautiful, and doesn’t have talent. Singing is a talent. Talents are gifts. Not everyone has the same gift. I know for a fact that not everyone can sing, I can’t, so Beyonce making that her career has obviously proven to a majority of people including myself that she CAN sing.

I don’t hear anything come out of her vocal chords that I could do. I think the girl can SANG! How well she can sing is someone else’s opinion but I think her voice sets her apart because it’s unique. If you all can do the things she does with her voice, then you can prove me wrong about my claim that not everyone can sing, because that’s what I believe.

Also, Beyonce is beautiful in my opinion and many other people’s opinion. She’s in so many lists of “the hottest”, “the most beautiful”. She’s always very high on all those lists. Beauty is the most subjective trait there is, but when haters say that Beyonce isn’t hot or beautiful I pretty much think that they feel the opposite and are actually jealous or hate her for having all the breaks and being beautiful too.

Listen y’all, Beyonce worked hard to get where she is, no one handed her anything. Don’t cut her down because she has the life you with you had.

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