Better Candidate For Aretha Franklin Award Petition

Admin note: This story was anonymously submitted.
A number of people have set up a petition online stating that is undeserving of the ‘Aretha Fanklin Entertainer of the Year Award’ at Soul Train this year.
The petition reads:
To: Soul Train
Soul Train has decided to award their Aretha Franklin Award “Entertainer of the Year” to Ashanti. We, the undersigned, feel that there are many superior entertainers that are more worthy of this award than Ashanti. It is an insult to other entertainers who are more deserving of this award and Aretha Franklin. Ashanti simply lacks singing ability and stage presence. She doesn’t demonstrate the qualities of an entertainer and hasn’t been out in the public for a full year. Better candidates for this award should be , , India.Arie, or Aaliyah.

Please sign this and you will help our current, hardworking artists by protesting against ordinary, mediocre artist from getting a highly praised award.

The Undersigned, which hosted the petition, has since shut down.

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