Beyonce Appears On TRL

Destiny’s Child star stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to premiere her new video ‘Me, Myself And I’ and sidestep Quddus’ questions about her boyfriend Jay-Z. Read on for a transcript.

Quddus: Hey, what’s up? Welcome back. It’s quddus hanging out
here times square with a bunch of other people joining us. Good to see
you there, folks. All right. Now, how do you introduce the hottest chick
in the game? You just say her name. Beyonce, come on out.

Quddus:[ Cheers and applause ] Did you like that introduction? What’s
up, baby? Good to see you.

Beyonce: Nice to see you.

Quddus: Good to see you.

Beyonce: You too.

Quddus: A lot of us saw you last night at the billboard awards where
you got four awards and you performed.

Beyonce: I did.

Quddus: Is it easier or harder to perform in front of people like outkast?
I mean, you actually went up to them and got sassy with them at one point.

Beyonce: That song, I was so excited to perform because it’s really
about the vocals and about the lyrics and for the first time i could really
sing and i didn’t have to worry about all the production. Even though i
still had the surprise at the end. It was great. I didn’t know what I was
going to do. I didn’t know who i was going to be singing to. It just happened
to be all of the guys, outkast and chingy and everybody.

Quddus: You just felt compelled to jump out into the crowd and take
it to them? That’s really cool. Now, as far as award glory, it is not over
for you. Because you have been nominated for six grammys.

Beyonce: Yes.

Quddus: For the big one as well which is record of the year for “crazy
in love.” Take me back to the minute when you were done writing that? Did
you know it was a hit?

Beyonce: We did four demos and “crazy in love” that just stuck out to
me. A lot of people liked it but they thought it was strange because of
the horns, and i figured the thing that was missing was jay. So I asked
him to do it and then I put it out. I was terrified because I didn’t know
how people would react, actually. And it ended up being the song of the
summer, so I’m very bless and very happy.

Quddus: I’m happy for you. A lot of people when they get nominated for
awards they say they’re happy to take away one. But be honest, though,
how bad do you want the record of the year award?

Beyonce: To be honest with you, i can’t believe that I’m nominated for

Quddus: It’s hard to conceive.

Beyonce: It absolutely is.

Quddus: Almost bigger than life.

Beyonce: It is. I’m very — just don’t know what to say. As you can
see, it’s just so amazing this year. Destiny’s child, we’ve been so successful
and we have gotten grammys so I feel like I’ve gotten them. Just to be
nominated I’m just happy.

Quddus: It will just add to boat load. Really. We’ll talk some more
with you. Right now, back into the top ten. Chingy at number six with “holidae
in.” More with beyonce in a minute.

Quddus: You like that song, don’t you? Yeah. A lot of people do. Number
six on the countdown. “Holidae in.” Here with beyonce of course. Your solo
album has done so well. And it’s so nice to see you doing your thing. And
now I hear that there are plans to erelease a second one with leftover
tracks from the second one?

Beyonce: I’m thinking of it. I did 42 songs for “dangerously in love”
so i might put out a part two. Definitely I will be in the studio with
destiny’s child next year.

Quddus: Okay. Around what time?

Beyonce: Hopefully the album will be out at the end of next year. So
we’re have the single out hopefully by august. And there time.

Quddus: Nice. Nice. You mentioned jay added bit parts to condoleezza
rice. He has a line, I’ve got the hottest chick in the game. Did you know
he was going to add that line in there?

Beyonce: Give him a raise.

Quddus: Got to do my job as an intrusive reporter. What did you think?

Beyonce: Go on to the next question.

Quddus: I’m trying to get in there! We’ll keep it moving with good charlotte
right now and “hold on.” More with beyonce and her premiere album.

Quddus: All right, good charlotte, number five, “hold on” right. There
we’re about to premiere your next video and the guys at home want to know
how hard was it to shoot that scene in the tub? Just take us there, please.

Beyonce: It was really emotional. The video and actually the song I
wrote it for the ladies because I know sometimes we go through relationships
and they don’t work out and we blame the guy or we blame the other girl
or we blame ourselves. And we have this inner voice that kind of leads
us in the right direction. We can always depend on ourself and the song
“me, myself and I” and I wanted the video to reflect that. I was trying
to think of something different, something fresh and new visually to do.
I worked with a new director johan from europe.

Quddus: You decided to do the video backwards?

Beyonce: At first it wasn’t that way. I actually edited this video.
This was one of my first videos i edited. And in there, i said it was one
that I — I wanted to try it backwards, so we did and i liked it.

Quddus: We have been waiting for this video for a while so good to finally
have it here and have your touch of approval on it. Do you want to introduce

Beyonce: Yes. This is our trl premiere of me, myself and I”, my new
video. Thank you.

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