Beyonce Donating To Mandela’s 46664 Global Aids Initiative

Destiny’s Child star will donate a percentage of her proceeds from the Verizon Ladies First Tour to Nelson Mandela’s 46664 global AIDS initiative. The multi-platinum recording artist has earmarked fifty cents from each ticket sold to the Ladies First Tour to benefit 46664. “I am delighted that Beyonce is continuing to support 46664, particularly as she gave so generously of her time last November when she joined me in Cape Town for ‘46664: The Concert,'” said Mr. Mandela. “By pledging to donate part of her tour receipts to our campaign she is showing her commitment again. Her leadership, and the involvement of the people of America, is critical in our mission to raise global awareness of HIV/AIDS, as well as funds to help us support those affected by AIDS and prevent the further spread of HIV in Africa. I wish her well on the tour, and thank her and all the 46664 artists for their incredible continuing support.”

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