Beyonce Encourages Fan Not To Copy Her Look

Admin note: This story was anonymously submitted.

With MTV’s new reality show ‘I want a face like a celebrity’, many people have already come forward hoping to receive plastic surgery to look like their favorite celebrities. People have asked for faces like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears and more. 19 year old, Natasha was chosen by MTV to get made over to have the face of 22 year old superstar . After Beyonce was informed about the situation, she asked MTV to allow her to meet with the young woman. Beyonce told her that even though she was flattered, she “didn’t feel as if it was the best thing to do.” She told the young woman that “God creates everyone different for a reason”, and that the young woman should love herself. After a long talk with Beyonce, the young woman backed out of the MTV production, emailing them a statement. Read on for the statement.

Dear MTV,

I am a huge Beyonce fan, and I think she is the prettiest woman in the world. After years of low self esteem, I jumped at the chance to be made over to look like Beyonce. Since then, I have had a conversation with Beyonce, and I am sorry to inform MTV that I am not going forward with the surgery. I thank you for your support and the offer, but I can’t do it.

Thank You,

sidenote: I am employed with MTV, and decided to submit this. Sorry, I have no link. MTV will not release this to the public, because they think it could be the ending to their new show.

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