Beyonce Hater?

Contributed anonymously:

I laugh at everyone who claim that some people are so-called “HATERS” just because they don’t think that of Destiny’s Child is as hot as everyone thinks she is. Is Beyonce cute? YES! Is she a good entertainer? YES! But so are Mya, Brandy, Christina Milian, and Monica. But if I were to say, “Oh, in my opinion, Beyonce is alright, but she is not the hottest thing out there,” I would be called a “hater” and people would say that I am jealous and I am not happy with myself, yadda yadda yadda. Everyone has to realize that as Americans, we are entitled to our opinions. The same people who claim that others “hate” on Beyonce are “hating” on other artists out there. Under one breath, they say, “you are a jealous hater.” But then, those same people talk about someone else. This is my opinion about Beyonce and then this will be my last post about that. She is pretty and she is a good entertainer. But she is not the hottest one out. I like Alicia Keys. I get more enjoyment out of hearing her music. I like Monica. I think she can sing WAY better than Beyonce, and I LOVE Christina Milian. Honestly, when I first saw the “Dip It Low” video, I thought I was looking at Beyonce for a few seconds. But Christina Milian is way prettier in my opinion and she has the voice of an angel-similar to Tamia. Finally I also think Ashanti is prettier than Beyonce, but she is a little weak on the vocals. With that said, am I considered a “Beyonce Hater” because I feel the way I do?

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