Beyonce Haters!

Beyonce Knowles wearing jewels

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Man, come on now. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about their singers. Some of you like Ashanti, some like Alicia Keys, some like . However, you all must admit. Beyonce has talent. So many people say she is overrated. I agree she is very overrated, but only because of the way she looks. People are so dumb to the fact that the sister is one of the most talented sistas in the game! That’s more than my opinion, that is a fact. Her voice is just beyond amazing. Even for people who say she “oversings”, which she does sometimes, if anyone saw her oscar performance (which i have a link to if anyone wants it) from ‘The Chorus’ which was sung in ‘French’, you would put all doubts aside. Beyonce, if she continues at the rate she’s going, is on her way to join the leagues of Whitney and Aretha. Praise God for strong, black women representin’! This article was in no way meant to down Alicia or Ashanti, the thing is, though I will agree that they are talented, well let me rephrase, that ALICIA is talented, I personally, am a big fan of Destiny’s Child and all of its members and applaud them in all their endeavors. They are some truly talented sisters. Hate them or love them, but don’t deny their talent!

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17 thoughts on “Beyonce Haters!

  1. Dee says:

    I speak fluent French and was ashamed at that performance… Way to butcher a language

  2. lol says:

    She is a demon that’s why she had sang sweet dreams to get the Sasha Fierce out of her. Call herself a Christian she should be band from going to church. this has only started when she married Jay-z who else is an devil worshiper.

  3. Dena says:

    That is how y’all are when there is someone that is ugly like y’all you like them, But when someone is pretty like Beyonce y’all hate on her and call her names. Get a life HATERS.

  4. Megan says:

    I think she is very sweet and nice and pretty. Most people do like her only for her body but it doesn’t matter in the end her voice is amazing. Halo, Sweet Dreams, and Single Ladies were off the charts. I love you Beyonce!!

  5. Tammy says:

    I am getting a bit tire of her.

  6. Hailee says:

    yeah yeah Beyonce is tight. Voice is electrifying, face is beautiful, body is banging- girl just needs to put some damn clothes on! doesn’t she get sick of showing her twat off? WE KNOW U HAVE A TWAT BEYONCE! STOP FLASHING GIRLFRIEND!! its not like I like to look at it, it’s just always on the screen dammit!! I love her sounds but the twat thing, man someone start a new fashion craze and Beyonce, stop with the whole “I’ll just wear panties like lady gaga, and Rihanna! its not FASHIONABLE! its a FASHION FAUX PAS!!!

  7. Nursebmw says:

    HATERS!!!!!!! She is simply dressing, performing and living to her heart’s content.She’s enjoying herself as many of us only wish we could. This woman Is mastering the art of building a BLACK castle for her loved ones and herself. I have only seen this woman humble herself in public. We never hear her in the news about domestic abuse, drugs, alcohol, in trouble with the law or performing psychotic episodes like Ms. Spears. Nor do we ever hear “baby momma” drama Or unfaithfulness about her husband. All we hear are their success stories. Eventually fame do end but while Beyonce is working hard to live comfortably in the future, what are YOU doing? Can you call YOURSELF a successful BLACK man or woman? Can you even say that you are exhausting every possible opportunity to become successful and make YOUR mark in the BLACK community? And just in case you’re not black, what are you doing to make a mark for YOUR race? I can speak like so because I’M BLACK LIKE THAT!!!!!!

  8. Lisa, Buffalo, NY says:

    I’m sick of Beyonce, the media just keep shoving her down our throats. It’s time for some new talent to make their mark in the music industry. She’s already worth 350 million dollars, how much money does this wig wearing trick need. I’ve just had enough of her for a lifetime. Please world don’t put any more money in her bank account, her and jay have enough. Lets spread the wealth.

  9. Lisa, Buffalo, NY says:

    So many people on the web keep defending Beyonce. This self centered woman only cares about herself and MONEY, MONEY, and MONEY. She only married Jay-z because of MONEY, not love. Beyonce’s not paying any of your bills or putting any clothes on your back, she just want you to go out and buy her CD’s, movies, perfume, etc.. I wish this no talent, ass shaking, bad grammar, fake lady would just go away for a while. Beyonce is over rated.

  10. Shon says:

    Beyonce hasn’t done anything for the black community. Her singing is inharmonious. Yeah she is humble on the outside but rotten 2 the core on the inside. She doesn’t care about us black people. She is deceptively pleasing & very insincere. She is a demon forced upon us to drag us to hell where she is going. I wish y’all knew what I knew

  11. The Baxter says:

    Personally I believe that Beyonce Knowles is a very beautiful woman,I also notice how society has put her up on a high chair as a queen goddess, this scares me because Ive learned in my life never trust the image that is before you, but to question its true integrity, mostly on the internet all you see are all the praise for Beyonce for being a good person, At one time I thought George W Bush was a good person(Even Though I never voted for him)It was only until halfway in his first term that I realized this guy should have never been given a presidential term in the first place………My point is Ive learned that whenever society puts someone on a high chair there is always something lurking behind closed doors to snap you in the butt…….like O.J. Simpson or Michael Jackson(God Rest His Soul) or Bill Clinton(Even though I still believe he was a good president) (I’m not debating whether these people are good or bad) It’s just society has given Beyonce Knowles so much praise and that makes me wonder whether she has a really good publicist and people aiding to hide her true nature….In a society who so easily idolizes the asinine and the idiotic I wonder, I would also wonder about a woman who would marry a man who’s gotten his fame and most of his money from songs Based on heavy usage of the words Bitch and Hoe…….You are who you sleep with….,that’s what my mama used to say……..The Baxter.

  12. The Baxter says:

    Mr. Jay Hoe Vah(Mr Blasphemy) may just be the reflection of Beyonce Knowles true nature, Or I could be wrong it could be an angel giving a demon some needed salvation

  13. Rachael says:

    devil worshipping a**hole

  14. chiccky says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Beyonce…..she was born with a rare talent …so what….so instead of you guys picking on my girl….GET A LIFE…..<3 much l<3ve .xx

  15. Jason J says:

    I think she is a stupid idiot. her music makes women feel their relationship relates to all her songs. I thought she was in a happy relationship with Jay-Z?? Obviously not if she is always slating men and acting like she is god compared to them. Not being funny Beyonce love I’d rather be with a goat than you. You are a broken record moaning the same old tune. Shame there isn’t a male artist out there who sings bout women and how bad they are too sometimes. like single fellas or we all hate Beyonce we do!!

  16. jas says:


    I SIMPLY HAVEN’T HEARD ONE YET… I’M STILL WAITING.. NOPE STILL NOT ONE… (if you don’t like her genre of music than fine, but don’t say she’s not talented)

    I don’t love all of her songs or even admire all of her fashion choices however I just can’t stand some of the reasons people have listed as to why she doesn’t deserve the status she gets.

    1. No talent… I don’t think so she can blow live and dance (even though i admit she does oversing at times)
    2. Dresses like a slut? She’s a performer! when she’s performing it’s ok to dress high fashion, different and attention catching. outside of performing I’ve never seen her dress “slutty”
    3. doesn’t give money to black people?.. um first of all how could you possibly hate someone for being successful and making money doing what they love. It’s fact that she does a lot of charity work and even has even funded a dream center. other than that.. um I don’t know what are you expecting her to do mail you a personal check every time she gets paid just because.. you feel your entitled to her money?
    4. any statements said about her character… none of us actually know her as a person so how could you possibly know she’s rotten on the inside? just like i cant sit here and say that she’s a sweet person… WE JUST DON’T KNOW.. all I can do is defend what I do see and that is her talent. And with great talent comes a lot of media exposure yes. but its supposed to especially when we are lacking of talent in the industry nowadays.

  17. BeyonceFreak says:

    You haters are hilarious!! Whatever u believe beyonce is remains your opinion n you hating her won’t change the fact that at the end of the day she makes moola! While hating rewards you with nothing,you take the time to sit in front of yo computer n hate,it sad really!!

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