Beyonce: I’m No Diva

Despite being on the brink of world domination, tells The Sun that any diva-like behavior would be banished in an instant — by her mother. The Destiny’s Child star said, “I can guarantee that my mom would lock me up until I came back down to earth if I acted like a diva. When I’m on stage, yeah, I’m a diva. When I’m in front of the camera, I’m a diva. But when I’m not performing, I leave that behind.”

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One thought on “Beyonce: I’m No Diva

  1. lilchelle says:

    she say she ain’t no diva but the fake personality broad acts like one.her acting sucks,the clothes she wear are hideous,and she kills me with those stupid fake wigs she wear.she is suck a diva and a b****. I hate this broad never liked her.she just jealous cause Jennifer H. won an award for Dreamgirls and her jealous ass didn’t. She jealous of Shakira cause she can move her hips better than her. She’s jealous of Ciara cause everyone loved her like a boy song and this hoe tried to steal it, even though Ciara is better and everyone liked her better. Beyonce isn’t THE DIVA, more like THE B****. Mariah Carey will sit her a** down with her good vocals. Beyonce can sing, but her acting stinks. She need to take a lot of acting classes if she think she great and if she want to be great. Every movie she played in she was horrible, just like her dancing. She do simple a** moves than a five year old can do. People like when they see dance moves like Ciara Janet Jackson and Chris Brown. Something they want to see to make them want to do it.

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