Beyonce In, But Britney’s Not Totally Out Of Pepsi

While Pepsi announced last month they were not going to renew Britney Spears’ $7 million contract, the cola company’s spokeswoman Katie Lacey tells Access Hollywood their relationship isn’t over for good. “Pepsi didn’t drop Britney,” she insisted. “We have a great relationship with britney, and we’ll continue to do so.” She added, “She fulfilled every aspect of her two-year contract. And with her, we did some of the best advertising we’ve ever done.” As for the decision to hire Destiny’s Child star . “Two years for us is a lot. We need to move on and so does Britney.” Moving on doesn’t mean a permanent split though. “Michael J. Fox is one example,” Lacey pointed out “Look at Shaq, Cindy Crawford. We bring them back. So, stay tuned.”

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