Beyonce Is Not All That

Contributed anonymously:

Destiny’s Child star is not the leader of the pack, she’s no better than any other NAKED, butt shaking artists. The only reason she’s so talked about is because there’s no one else to talk about. She got lucky and became a big success during a time when the female R&B pot was low on artist, she had no one to compete against that’s why it looks like she’s so great, she’s actually getting over on the public by being the only one in her field that accepts disrespect.

Black artist are usually tough and don’t settle for that smut talk, but Beyonce loves it, she’s another J.Lo Britney Spears, dirty Christina Aguilera. The media could never treat any other black female like a sex toy because they won’t accept it, such as Mary J. Blige, Monica, Eve, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, TLC, the late Aaliyah, and even Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland or Beyonce’s own little sister Solange like pieces of meat.

These women have great music, BETTER VOICES than Beyonce and are good stage performers, but they also cover their boobs on occasion, rarely flash butt cheek, and don’t grin when their butts are the topic of conversation. They demand respect so they get ignored. Beyonce ain’t [censored], DON’T YOU GET IT, she’s just willing to go over the top for fame, while others go over the top for respect first, the presentation of talent second, and sex appeal LAST, sex is all that blonde Beyonce is using, sex and her ORDINARY BODY which is no different from Serena Williams body, Eve’s body, Nivea’s body, Trina’s body, Alicia Keys body and so forth.

What’s so special about Beyonce other than the fact that she competes against no one? All her awards are bogus, she’s bogus, and I’m sick of her. Also, John Norris of MTV (that idiot) said Ashanti was following in Beyonce’s foot steps towards film. NO ASHANTI IS NOT! Beyonce is not her muse, she’s not her inspiration, and nobody’s following her any where, except Jay-Z into the bedroom. Ashanti is going to film for the same reason as Mandy Moore, Madonna, L.L Cool J, Eve, DMX, Christina Milan, etc, BECAUSE THEY WANT TO, not because of a naked blonde black girl named Beyonce, she’s nothing to aspire to be like, a million artist can shake their own butts and sing uh oh uh oh uh oh. BEYONCE’S GETTING OVER.

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8 thoughts on “Beyonce Is Not All That

  1. TASTEE64 says:

    Why are you hating on Beyonce, are you that jealous that you do not have what she does so you have to make such a negative comment about her. What has she personally done to you for you to say such things about her, I don’t think she thinks she’s all that people like you do then you get mad when your man or other people confirm it. HATER GO HOME AND DO A MAKE OVER THEN IF YOU WANT TO TALK NEGATIVE ABOUT SOMEONE, LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON SAID “START WITH THE MAN IN THE MIRROR”. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!

  2. dashae j says:

    Yeah that is true in a way, she does uses sex appeal to have attention, but that’s what people like now days, sex. but until someone better comes along I say, do your thing Beyonce!!! For now that is.

  3. stephanie says:

    Well–first and foremost, Beyonce doesn’t have a butt.
    She’s ‘hippy’.
    About her being all that…? I dunno. She’s cute. She does have an ordinary body, though. Or her body looks like everyone else’s, I guess. I think some of her nutty fans lack a shape of their own. That’s why they practically fawn all over her.
    But this media always loses themselves when a sista pops and struts all over the place. So…it is what it is.

    Secondly, how does she accept disrespect?
    I need examples.
    The girl isn’t drinking, drunk-driving, making sex-tapes or out flashing her cootch to the world like the rest of these H-wood Hookers… She’s not tabloid fodder and she seems to be rather pleasant(if air-heady). So, I say she’s doing well.

    Far as the music?
    The way that she entered and took over the game was masterful. Whoever advised her to do business w/JayZ was on it. Best business move she ever made.
    If Kelly had any sense she’d be able to follow suit and duplicate the results. Her first solo single was very successful compared to Beyonce’s.
    But it is what it is and B sells sex. Sad thing is, she doesn’t have to. She has the chops to make it fully clothed.
    But at least she IS talented. Not like the rest of these females.

    I outgrew Beyonce awhile back. She makes music for a certain demographic and I suppose I’m not included.
    She has a different sound from everyone but all of her work sounds the same. It’s not that she can’t sing…she’s just limiting herself with the types of material that she puts out.
    “I Am…” could have been great. Ground-breaking — but it’s just ‘B’Day II’.

    Every time you think she’s going to come off differently? You get: the same hair-flipping/hip-thrusting. The same basic choreography. The same trademarked pose.
    It’s the same old, same old.
    But it hardly matters…People will buy because it’s her. And what’s wrong with that? People are always trying to attach these virtuous attributes to these entertainers.
    Like half of them would even be making music if it didn’t pay well? People forget, this woman is trying to build a financial legacy. That’s why she’s grinding so hard.

    So, don’t be too harsh with the girl.
    Anyway Beyonce knows the power of videos. Most of her songs are stupid — but when you look at the choreography and such, coupled w/the constant radio play…it gets into your head.

    The formula works — so I say, “Ride the wave, while it lasts.”

    @TASTEE…you’re deceiving yourself if you think that celebs and such don’t surf the ‘net. They have laptops don’t they? What do you think?
    They have careers just like everyone else; they’re just paid more.
    They’re not THAT busy. They’re not Gods. They’re not better than us. They’re like lotto winners: average people who just got lucky.
    So stop putting these ‘average’ people on pedestals.

    Personally, if I were a celeb I wouldn’t go on any celeb sites because I wouldn’t want to read posts from people talking a bunch of sh*t about me (when I can’t defend myself, lol).
    But some entertainers do. Some are curious as to how the public views them… They wonder what is said about them? And why not? It’s the public who pays their bills.

    …and some are gluttons for punishment.

    How do you think, that Perez Hilton guy got punched in the face?
    The ‘Black Eyed Peas’ were reading what he said on his little website.


  4. jolie says:

    I’m so sick of Beyonce.. She needs to lose some weight, and get over herself.

  5. vitorian says:

    hi Beyonce you got my letter yep I sent it to you Beyonce I love you it feels like I know you I have to go I love you bye

  6. Leonia Pavloski says:

    Could you state she is actually just average or the girl is definitely great. The particular amounts talk regarding on their own, she could be the most accomplished woman artist. Title some superior musician compared to her There’s no one. Anyone don’t must love her, nonetheless supply respect where by respect can be expected. A different point is actually her frizzy hair it truly is so vivid

  7. cp says:

    I must say i will give her beauty, but however all her music sound the same to me. And for as acting she needs more schooling in that field, well I am not a huge fan of hers they give her to much hype where there don’t need to be any.

  8. beatrice says:

    She is an ass shaking slut

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