Beyonce Is Not Stopping Because Of Your Posts

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I honestly think that people (especially black women) don’t support Destiny’s Child star because she’s gorgeous and she’s extremely talented. I’m definitely a fan so I can’t really think from any other point of view, but I think it’s a damn shame that people come on here, the only place where they think someone who knows Beyonce, or even Beyonce herself will be offended. Hey y’all.. she’s never going to read (your bad comments), and it doesn’t effect her, you say whatever you say meanwhile she’s on tour giving concerts to people that do like her, and there are many there that do than don’t.

It’s just so sad that people only post comments on the subjects that say something like “Beyonce has a bad hair day”, but there’s only 1 or 2 comments about something good about her. There’s more good than bad. I got to say though that I got a lot of love for people that like Beyonce, but it’s not necessary for you to be a fan, if something generally bugs you about her that’s your right. Don’t feel the need to attack her because she’s better than you haters could ever hope to be, or her fans because they admire her and probably will be just as successful even if it’s not in show biz, but just because they have the common sense to take a lesson from her instead of wish her less than what she’s worked HARD for.

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One thought on “Beyonce Is Not Stopping Because Of Your Posts

  1. dashae j says:

    I say personally, Beyonce do your thing.

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