Beyonce Is Sometimes A Disappointment

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Why is it that Eminem is a solo artist and he can come up with TWENTY THREE songs for his album (Encore), while Destiny’s Child could only come up with eleven mediocre songs? did this album in a rush so it could look like she wants her girls to enjoy success too, but she really doesn’t want them to have as much as her. She just wanted to make sure people don’t forget about her and her Grammys and such if she were busy taking her time writing GOOD songs for ‘Destiny Fulfilled’. Now she can turn her back on the girls and Cater 2 Jay-Z since she “did her part” and made another group album. You know what else? Beyonce seems like a selfish person to me. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself and Jay-Z. If the time came, she would probably pick Jay over her dad/friends. And one last thing, If I’m wrong just say so, and I’m not just saying it’s Beyonce, but has she done anything to help with the Tsunami relief effort? She has a lot of celebrity, she more than a lot of celebs who are actually doing something. She’s just a disappointment basically. Anytime there’s money she’ll endorse the product, even if it’s perfume which she is allergic too. I’m just sick of her and her weave and EVERYTHING.

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One thought on “Beyonce Is Sometimes A Disappointment

  1. Boss Chick says:

    Oh please STFU. You don’t even know Beyonce she seems like a great person and the album was amazing but Beyonce doesn’t have to put her charity work out there like other fame whores!

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