Beyonce Knowles On Tonight Show Tuesday

Destiny’s Child star stopped by the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday. Beyonce was there to promote ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’ and Jay seemed to be a big fan of her acting in the film. Beyonce also performed her solo hit ‘Work It Out’. Read on for a transcript.

Jay: All righty. You know my next guest as a member of destiny’s
child. She’s now starring with mike myers in the new movie “austin powers
in goldmember.” It opens this friday. Please welcome beyonce knowles.

[ Cheers and applause ] Look at you. Oh, you look great. How are you?
Hey, movie star, how are you doing?

Beyonce: I’m good. I’m excellent.

Jay: This is funny, ’cause last time, you’re usually here, of course,
with destiny’s child. Is it strange being a solo now?

Beyonce: It is. It is very different for me. I’m still getting used
to doing interviews by myself. I get really weirded out. But the ladies
have been very supportive. I’m very happy because all three of us are doing
individual projects. Michelle has the number one gospel record in america,
“heart to yours.” [ Cheers and applause ] And kelly is about to go number
one with nelly. And I’m doing “austin powers,” my acting debut. So I’m

Jay: This is cool. It is exciting. And you look like you’re excited
in the movie. You have a wonderful presence on screen.

Beyonce: Thank you. Thank you for the compliment.

Jay: Oh, sure, sure. You started at what, age 8 or 9?

Beyonce: Yes. I started in destiny’s child when I was 9. I started singing
when I was about 6.

Jay: Okay.

Beyonce: And we started in houston, texas. And my father eventually
became the manager. And he actually full-time became the manager. He gave
up his job. My mother supported the family. And it was a crazy household.

Jay: So how old was your dad — so your dad had — what was his job?
What did he do?

Beyonce: He sold neurosurgical surgery tools.

Jay: Oh, like a real job.

Beyonce: Yes, a real job.

Jay: Okay, a real job. So he quits his real job to tell everybody, “I’m
going to make my, what, 9-year-old daughter a star?”

Beyonce: I know it sounds crazy.

Jay: It is crazy.

Beyonce: It is. And you know what? At the time I thought it was very
normal. I thought everybody’s parents did that. Now I look back, I was
very, very blessed to have parents that had that much faith in me.

Beyonce: J: That’s a great dad.

Beyonce: Yes.

Jay: Okay, so he takes over the career.

Beyonce: It was crazy in our house. It was full of women. We did ridiculous
things. Every summer we had this camp and we would rehearse. And my mom
owned a hair salon. And we were going to the salon and we were singing
the songs that we practiced. And we would pull out our hats and they’d
give us lite money and we’d go to astroworld and sometimes we’d perform
at the theme parks. And we performed at grocery stores, we performed everywhere
that anybody wanted to see us, we would perform, trying to get record deals.
Finally we performed at astroworld, which was my favorite theme park. And
I was in front of all of my peers, I was about 12 years old, and I’m trying
to be fly, you know. And it was freezing cold in houston that day. And
my nose was numb. And I’m performing and the girls are looking at me like
— and I’m like, “girl, what you looking at?” And they’re like — and I
had snot running down my nose.

[ Laughter ] And I’m still singing. And I see something getting bigger
and bigger and bigger and bigger. And this huge snot bubble pops.

[ Laughter ] It was the most embarrassing day of my life for a 13-year-old
child. It is a crazy experience. Yes.

Jay: I just imagine singing in a beauty salon. Don’t the ladies have
those things pulled down over their heads?

Beyonce: They have them on their heads. And you know what? Yes. My mom
had frien.. and all the customers, nobody wanted to come to our house because
we made them watch us and we made them buy tickets. Yes.

Jay: Buy tickets to see you.

Beyonce: To see us. They we’re like, “don’t go to the knowles house,
please, the kids are crazy.” It was ridiculous.

Jay: What’s the name of tha theme park you mentioned?

Beyonce: Astroworld.

Jay: Astroworld. So you perform at astroworld. Were you an amusement
park kid?

Beyonce: I love all amusement parks.

Jay: Did you ride all the rides?

Beyonce: I rode all the crazy rides. And recently tried to do the same
things. A friend of mine said, it was while I was filming in the m, I had
a couple of days off. She was like, “let’s go to the theme parks.” And
I’m like, “okay.” She’s like, “yes, yes, yes.” She’s all excited. We go
there and we’re on the craziest rides ’cause I like the scariest rides.

Jay: Like the big roller coasters?

Beyonce: Yeah. We’re going through the loops, we go through the loops,
we’re finally about to go to the drop and it stops. It’s the first ride.
The first ride we get on is stopped. So my friend is now crying. She’s
hysterical. And I’m trying to laugh to prevent myself from crying. And
the little kid sitting next to her is like, “why are you laughing? It’s
not funny. My dad’s a lawyer!”

[ Laughter ] So I’m trying to keep her calm. And finally, I’m like,
“don’t worry.” 20 minutes later we’re like, I’m trying to calm her down.
I’m like, “god, god, has us, we’re okay.” And I look and I see the word
“jesus” and the man that works at the theme park is there to help us and
his name is jesus. And I’m like, “look, see? He’s helping us.”

[ Applause ] So finally we walk down the steps and finally we get down
the steps and the police, ’cause it was the first ride. It took us an hour
and a half to get there. And it was the craziest thing. So no more roller
coasters for me. I think I gave up on that.

Jay: very funny. There you go. You’ll get back up again.

Beyonce: Oh, maybe, I n’t know.

Jay: Now, tell us about the movie. Tell us who you play.

Beyonce: I play foxy cleopatra and I’m a whole lot of woman!

[ Applause ]

Jay: Did you ever watch any of those movies when you were kids, those
foxy, foxy brown and there’s cleopatra jones, isn’t that what it was?

Beyonce: Foxy cleopatra, exactly. My mother is a pam grier fan. And
you know, when you’re 13, your mom is like, “look at these movies, the
afros.” And you’re le, “I don’t want to see that.” Thank god for my mom
because she was there when I did the first reading with mike. I was so
nervous I didn’t say anything. So my mom did all the talking, thank god.
And I wentand watched allthe movies. And now I’m a huge fan. I collect
the posters, I love them. The music is wonderful, the hair, the little
jive slang.

Jay: What’s it like working with mike and certainly michael caine?

Beyonce: Well, I was terrified in the beginning because this was my
first movie. And everybody is so legendary. But eventually we broke the
ice and we got to know each other. We had a great time. He’s very spontaneous,
so he would come up with different things, every take, which is hard. The
hardest thing is trying not to laugh at him. But we had a great time in
between takes, we would do crazy things.

Beyonce: Jaylelet’s see a clip. What is this we’re going to see? What’s
happening here?

Beyonce: Oh?

Jay: This is back in the ’70s now?

Beyonce: This is back in the 70s, I’m rocking my afro.

Jay: Back in the 70s. Let’s take a look. Here you are. “Goldmember.”

Beyonce: I found this. Microfilm, maybe a clue.

Beyonce: Smashing.

Beyonce: I want to go to the future withou. We can catch goldmember
together. I owe it to my partner.

Beyonce: I should warn you, foxy, 2002 is very different.

Beyonce: Well, the future better get ready for me. Because I’m foxy
cleopatra a olloa woma

Beyonce: 2002, here we come!

[ Applause ]

Jay: Very good. We’ll take a break, when we come back and you’re going
to sing?

Beyonce: Yes.

Jay: All right. She’s gonna sing when we come back. Be right back with
beyonce knowles rit after this

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