Beyonce Knowles Tired of ‘Booty-This, Booty-That’

Destiny’s Child star tells Reuters that she’s beginning to tire of all the “booty talk” inspired by the group’s hit song ‘Bootylicious’. She admits, “It’s really silly. I wrote a song called ‘Bootylicious,’ maybe three years ago. And now the word is in the dictionary. To be honest, I hate the word.” Explaining the story behind the song, Knowles said, “I’m glad I wrote it. It’s a fun song. It’s just a word, like someone is feeling confident. I wrote it because I was gaining weight, and I felt like for all the people that feel like I do right now, I’m going to write this song and make people proud of their curves. But now everywhere I go, everybody is saying, ‘booty-this’ and ‘booty-that’ and it’s really irritating.”

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