Beyonce Or Ashanti?

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These two R&B princesses/ Pop Divas are constantly compared to each other and pitted against one another as rivals although they’ve never showed any problems with one another. But, when it breaks down to dollars and cents, and endorsements who is it that the public chooses, Beyonce or ?

Is it…………

Beyonce Giselle Knowles, or simply Beyonce

If we ignore for a minute her career with Destiny’s child, which comes out to over 40 million albums sold from 5 mainstream albums and 1 Christmas album ( a number that is still rising due to the success of the latest album “Destiny Fulfilled”, which is currently at number #8 on the R & B charts, on which it peaked at #1, and at #10 on the top 200 chart, on which it peaked at #2, after 11 weeks, and has 2 singles on the charts right now “Lose my Breath” which is currently at #27 on the charts, and “Soldier” which is currently at #4 on the charts, 3 Grammys, 3 successful solo careers (the only girl group to do so), Kelly Rowland who’s album “Simply Deep” which reached #3 in the U.S. on the R&B charts, and #1 in the U.K. and earned her a Grammy, and after appearing in several t.v. shows, made her silver screen debut in Freddy vs. Jason, who released 2 solo albums “Heart 2 Yours”which reached #1 on the gospel charts, and “Do You Know” which reached #2, she’s also performed on Broadway in “Aida”. All the 3 girls solo efforts plus the group albums all total to over 50 million albums sold. Now forgetting all that and thinking that Beyonce’s career started when she released her solo album it would mean: Over 5 million albums sold from her album which entered the charts at #1 and held that position for 10 weeks, 5 Grammys, a successful selling DVD “Live at Wembley”, she appeared on will and Jada Smith’s upn show “All of US”, she’s been in 4 movies (including “The Pink Panther” which will be out later this year), a near 8 million dollar deal as the spokeswoman for Tommy Hilfiger, a 10 million dollar deal with Pepsi, and a 4.7 million dollar deal with L’Oreal, all in all pretty damn good.


Ashanti Shaquoya Douglas, known simply as Ashanti

Ashanti appeared on several albums (including Big Pun and Ja Rule)before putting out her own albums. Her albums equate to 2 #1 one mainstream albums, a number #160 Christmas album, and her current album “Concrete Rose” which entered the charts at #7 selling 245,000 copies in it’s first week, and is currently at #33 on the top 200 charts, and at #16 on the R&B charts on which it peaked at #2 ( and it’s lead singles “Only U” is currently at #17 and peaked at #12). her album sales are over 6.7 million albums sold ( She’s also appeared on several tv shows including Sabrina, Buffy, and American Dreams, she’s also been in several big screen features, Bride and Prejudice, Coach Carter-which is in theaters now and opened up to 29.2 million in its opening weekend, and this spring she’ll star as Dorothy in “The Muppets Wonderful World of Oz”

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  1. chloe says:

    Beyonce is killing Ashanti in all areas… dancing(definitely)…singing(obviously)….and looks(duh even a blind person can see that!) Ashanti should not even be compared to her… and for all the people who think different are either on drugs or just plain stupid!!!

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