Beyonce Proud Of ‘Innovative’ ‘B’Day’

Despite getting some grief from the critics, Destiny’s Child star tells Australia’s Time Off magazine she’s thrilled with the results of her new album ‘B’Day’. “Really, I’m proud of it because it’s innovative – it’s not what’s expected,” she said. “I feel like I’ve grown, and I have a lot to say because I had a lot built up in me being this character Deena – I did a movie, ‘Dreamgirls’, and played a woman that was kinda weak in the beginning of the film, and who was married and not in a great relationship, was being really controlled. I felt like I had been kinda trapped [in the role], so my release was making this record. That’s why a lot of the songs are aggressive – it’s not about my life, it’s about everything I felt when I was doing that film and playing that character.”

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