Beyonce Shopping At Bergdorf Goodman

and her stylist were videotaped trying to make a quick exit to her car after a holiday shopping spree this weekend at Bergdorf Goodman, but decided to retreat back inside until her Maybach car arrives from around the corner. As she heads back to the store, a cameraman asks how her Thanksgiving was and the singer replied in a friendly tone, “Great”. Beyonce then was spotted with fancy glasses on and was asking security “Is the car outside yet” though a store window. As soon as the car was ready to go, she and her security made their way and the singer was told “Happy Holidays, Beyonce” and she replied “Happy Holidays” as she waved to her fans many times before getting into her car. The Destiny’s Child star then had the privacy curtains up in the backseat, while her many holiday gifts were packed into the front seat of the car. has since removed the video.

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