Beyonce & Solange On TRL

Jay-Z and of Destiny’s Child were on MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to talk with host Carson Daly and perform their new hit ”03 Bonnie & Clyde’ while Beyonce’s sister was there as well to premiere her new video ‘Feelin You’. For a rough transcript of the show, read on.

Carson: Here let me lead the way everybody say hi to beyonce knowles
and jay-z


Carson: What’s happenin’


All right. All right now it’s nice and warm

>> I love you!

Carson: Beyonce you’ve made that drive before with mike myers.

>> Yes. It was crazy.

Carson: Yeah, you weren’t drivin’, though, i don’t think.

>> I was drivin’ last time.

Carson: There it is right there.

>> I was very nervous.

Carson: From the jaguar to the corvette how did it feel to drive that

>> Yeah, yeah we shot a commn one of those vets.


Carson: Do you own that car.

>> Yeah. Not that one but one like that, yeah.

Carson: How many rides you got.

>> Couple, one or two.

Carson: Uhm, let’s get into it how did the two of the biggest names
in music even meet?

>> Well, we met a long time ago award shows, a lot different performances

Carson: At what point did the conversation become hey do you want to
do music.

>> You see each other and respect each other’s music you know always
that conversation, you know he we got to do something you know that.

Carson: Right.

[Inaudible] You know when that time fridz lla turns into something and
means something.

Carson: Are you going to do something on your solo album?

>> Hopefully

>> She got to cut the check, cut the check.

Carson: Also here is solange your little sister.

>> Yes, she is


Carson: We’ll let you go and help your sister get ready if you’d like
and take a break right now. When we get back we have a performance from
jay-z and beyonce. Jay’s a bull we’ll play a track off listen to that blueprint
2″ and lots more getting started after the hectic entrance but the stars
are here and it’s time to go. The top 8 and more with jay and beyonce more
with trl’s spankin’ new music comin’ up.


Carson: Yo. What ‘up? Welcome back, trl thursy spankin’ new and the
giant picture of beyonce there in times square. The chaos inside. Jay-z
is here “blueprint 2” comin’ out next tuesday we’ll talk about that and
a lot going on today, we can’t ignore the top 10, have music videos.

>> Play one or two, keep it movin’.

Carson: Quickly so we can talk to jay no. 8 was no doubt “underneath
it all” second day for them they are actually out with a great group distillers
and garbage a great show if you get a chance no. 7, i know you did a track
with her this is “through the rain” down three spots. Always wonderful
to work with Mariah I imagine.

>> Always wonderful to work with, very humble and sweet.

Carson: I don’t know how she can be in a gown and be so sweet and eating

>> Yeah she’s great.

Carson: Your album is out tuesday the 12th remember this, congratulations
to you


Jay-z is like really a few people in hip-hop always has something to
say, material you have never, ever had to wait long to get a record from
jay. That’s just stuff that’s going on — 7 albums in 7 years.



>> You know what I’m sayin’ that’s life. I go through life. I observe
things every day and experience things.

Carson: Everything in your life is funneled through your music never
get a writer’s slump anything like that.

>> Yeah. I mean, I got to stay in the house for that, you know what
I’m sayin’ but I’m out.

>> Carn: Always inspired by everything when you are out.

>> Everything that happens around me inspires me.

Carson: What does it feel like 7 albums later compared to your first

>> — I thought it was gonna be like you know one and only album, you
know what I’m sayin’?


>> Thanks. So i was just recordin’ you know this one right here, you
know, i kinda had an understandin’ of what i was doin’, you know what I’m
sayin’. I know how to make songs and know what works.

Carson: 25 tracks, two disks all kinds of people on this, lil’ kim,
lenny kravitz, obviously beyonce,


>> Yeah.

Carson: It’s just a who’s-who.

>> Yeah. We aug to get you on there next time.

Carson: You are crazy are you out of your mind.

>> Yeah, do a quick verse. Y’all want to here 16 from the kid right.

Carson: Yeah, right


Carson: Who haven’t you worked with you would like to work maybe on
this last album if you could have just called somebody.

>> Uhhh home-boy with the hat right there

[Inaudible] Let him get — he look like he need a 24. He —


Carson: Ha-ha en we go to commercial he’ll be rhymein’ for you i guarantee
lookin’ for an audition. I heard you like good charlotte is that true.

>> Yeah, somebody axed me, you know how was i doin’ and i was like i
can’t complain, who would listen and that song was just about that like
lifestyles of the rich & famous.

Carson: That’s exactly righ wel retire them a few moments of them, they
have a special message for you check that out at 6 good chtte “lifess of
the rich & famous” more with jay after the video.

>> Yes, sir. Yes, sir


>> So long good charlotte officially retired they are at 6. His album
is out tuesday. One of the tracks i told but in L.A. I was actually hanging
with heavy D.An old friend he was like check this out it was guns n roses
going on your album. Tell me about lenny kravitz and how this song came
— we’ll play down some for you guys

[Background music]

>> This came out in L.A. Head was like I’ve got this track you’ve got
to have itnd i was in hotel room i was tired like come on, bring it tomorrow,
son but he was le, nah, gout to have this track so i went out you know
he we drove around L.A. He was playin’ the track I was like that’s crazy
you know then we was like let’s go get lenny. We hollered at lenny kravitz,
his people was great, he was great, he was all the way with it. He mixed
the joint, mixed it free, just came in, mixed it. Did what he could and
the next video.

Carson: It sounds like one with em we hear more some of your favorite
songs like in new york you hear on hot 97 and flip over and here it like
on k-rock and maybe flip over if it is big enough and crossed over then
on the top 40.

>> Rap is big, we takin’ over, man.

Carson: That song. Would it trip you out to hear g n r on like a rock
station and yourself.

>> Nah. We expect that now, ha-ha.

Carson: All right. Good we got to take a break now. When we get back
we’ve got

[Inaudible] Back there, solange comin’ out to play a bit of the video.
We’ve got jay-z fans about to mob them for a hug and that’s what gs down
on spankin’ new music thursday. We’ll be right back with the rest of the
top 10 including the world premiere from vanessa carlton right after this:


Carson: Welcome back to trl. Spankin’ new thursday one of my guests
jay-z is off gerin’ up for his performance with yoyonce comin’ up in a
bit. In fak beyonce and little sister disdoys will be out here in a minute
to talk about her new solo record comin’ out in january let’s get back
to the video at 5 kelly clarkson “a moment like this” up a spot from yesterday
if you are keepin’ track the final “american idol” auditions happen november
17th out in L.A. And in fact if you are curious about the recent trials
in miami,00 hopefuls only three got a call-back so “american i did” winner
kelly clarkson at 5 there and solange is in the house my god you look lovely.

>> Thank you.

Carson: Hi, beyonce nice to have you here. Let’s talk about you for
a second you have a new record comin’ out the 21st. Big sister tell me
about it


>> Thank you.

>> Always just so happy about everything that she does. She’s such a
great writer, a great entertainer I’m just ready for the world to see her,
I’m very proud of her.

>> Did you look to big sis for guidance trying to put a record together?

>> Actually i kind of wanted to do everything with solange just express
myself on this album as me as an individual. I definitely learned so much
seeing the process of destiny’s child. They started when i was so I’ve
been growin’ up in the studio with them. She’s definitely influenced me
as a writer.

Carson: But nice to have somebody in the business you can talk to not
only about the record but I’m stressed out what do I do.

>> Kpaebt she’s been through it and she’s helped me.

Carson: You have b2dz k on the record i should mention that because
all guys will freak out Y.You did want to work with them.

>> I think they are wonderful entertainers and nice humble guys and
it was very important for me to work with them. I actually knew them before
they purchased for us one day and i was like i got to work with them on
the album so it was a really cool thing it was really cool.

Carson: We’ll see like a minute and a half of this tell me about it.

>> The song “feelin’ you” i got the chance to write and co-produce it
has sort of a indian dance hall reggae vibe to it. I wanted to add urban
feelin’ so i asked him and he said he would do it i was very honored to
with him so the video has a lot of reggae influences on it so that was
the thing and i actually —


>> Thank you. Ha-ha and i actually wanted to be involved with the whole
project as much as i can so i actually wrote the treatment for the video.
I came up with the whole idea.

Carson: Look at you.

>> Point to point every detail.

Carson: Co-produced it writing treatment, singin’ dancin’, pretty impressive.

>> Yes, it is.

Carson: Look out big sis

>> Feeldaeg ya.

Carson: I’m glad you are here.

>> Thank you so much here is “feelin’ you” on trl check it out

Carson: Doesn’t that look good on mtv. Congratulations feelin’ you.

>> Make sure you vote it on the countdown so –.

Carson: Absolutely the record is comin’ out january 121st. Great to
have you here. Hope to see much more of you in the future F.It is all right
we’d like you both to take a big giant bol raid snapsh or the, we have
done that with our guests we’ll get to the next video from jennifer lopez,
don’t forget the world premore from vanessa carton but here is “jenny from
the block” since being on the show she’s made a huge leap up 6 spots already
up to 4 here is jennifer lopez on trl


Carson: There you have it that’s the picture they just took 5 minutes
ago as you see some other shots of some of other our guests spankin’ new
thursday now tomorrow ends with eminem that was world premiere from vanessa
carlton “pretty baby” if you would like to vote for it, you can: We must
pause. When we get brack a performance from jay-z and beyonce “bonnie &
clyde ’03” we’ll do that right here and of course they’ll see it out in
times square and the top 3 for trl superstars in the top 3, too no reason
to move. We’ll be right back.


Carson: — People outside my god it is trl spankin’ new thursday and
this is a sight i haven’t seen in a long time our friend jay-z has stolen
the entire audience. I’m assuming and hopefully you can confirm this using
it in your performance.

>> Yes.

Carson: And we’ll have them back here. Beyonce is here welcome back
spankin’ new thursday we have a lot of news including your band-mate kelly

>> That’s right. I’m sure a couple of you have picked up her new album
but we tagged along on her first solo in-store signing at F.Y.E. In new
york city a few days after her debut but she wasn’t lonely along with the
surprise appearance by a dear friend hint, hint over 500 fans came to support.
Take a look:

>> I can’t wait ’til the in-store today because i talked to a lot of
the fans and they are sayin’ they’ll be there so I’m excited.

>> The best album I’ve heard all year.

>> I cut school just to be here so you better sign my C.D..

>> I’m her husband I’m george rowlands, I’m george rowlands they my

>> It has to be cool at an in-store.

>> Hold on am i still here in a pink car?! I was just informed no tricks
beyonce knowles she came and.

>> I just saw bewrons’s crack I should have taken a picture worth 5,000
an the enquirer.

>> The girls make me feel even better, encourage me and support me

>> Hi, how pretty you are thank you for my bear-bear.

>> I’m a people person. It’s really important for me to, you know, come
together with the fans and actually be intimate with them.

>> Have i told you, kelly that i love you?

>> Come here, romeo how do youin’.

>> I want to marry you.

>> Very nice. I love her.

>> Hi elizabeth.

>> I’ve gone to everything they have done for like the past two years.
I really appreciate it. I know the other fans appreciate it as well.

>> The only thing that happens with me my mouth starts killin’ me because
my mouth starts killin’ me because you smile and you want to but after
a while you are like it is definitely all worth it. If you can touch somebody’s
life then it feel goods.

>> Of course beyonce we made sure that kid went nowhere near that photo
or camera there it is.

Carson: Nice. Thank you for that destiny’s child going on a short holiday

>> Yes, we are. We a christmas album that came out last year, we’ll
do another tour with a lot of our christmas songs and some of other ours
— our others. We haven’t performed together for about 4 months hope flow
we’ll get a couple days to get everything tight again.

Carson: Good. We’ll give you a second to get ready with your performance.
Thank you suchin we appreciate that, he almost made no. 1 yesterday and
slipped another spot today here is “like i love you” at 3 from J.T. On


Carson: Fun in the parking lot of a 7-eleven that’s justin timberlake
“like I love you” at 3 time for music right now off the “blueprint 2” out
next tuesday performing “bonnie & clyde ’03” putour hands together
here is jay-z featuring beyonce knowles.


Carson: Jay-z beyonce “blueprint 2” tuesday thank you very much. When
we get back they have a souvenir for you we’ll get to that and the top
32 for spankin’ new thursday we’ll be right back with more jaidz and beyonce.


Carson: All right. One more time for thursday’s spankin’ new edition
of trl. Jay-z and beyonce gettin’ a snapshot. We’ve been didin’ this all
week long ha-ha also everybody in our audience today is gonna be gettin’
their own camera if their own fun at home as you see there thank you for
that all right. Sqaiz and beyonce have something else for the audience
we’ll get to in a bit. Let’s get to the top 2 christina aguilera, close
to no. 1 but gonna have to settle for no. 2 here is “dirrty” from christina
runner-up on trl


Carson: It would be hot if you came in with something on top of the
“dirrty” you come in.

>> We can get “dirrty” just get

Carson: Christina aguilera at 2. We got to go we don’t have much time
you’ve been here the whole hour.

>> You guys cut the check for me.

Carson: His album is out next tuesday pick it up, 25 tracks two-disc.
I want to mention you are on the “8 mile” soundtrack a big weekend for
eminem any thoughts?

>> I think it’s beautiful you know what I’m sayin’ hope opened a lot
of doors for hip-hop. That movie is gonna open big.

Carson: No other movie comin’ out this weekend.

>> You know it’s big he only put the face on the joint but the yellow
“8 mile”.

Carson: You are gonna check it o?

>> Of course.

Carson: Thank you for being here jay-z everybody we’ll get toem right
n tomorrow the whole s dedicated to eminem he’ll be here here is “lose
yourself” at no. 1, spankin’ new


Carson: All right. Don’t forget spankin’ new we’ll close out there you
are on the big screen up there in sometimes square new york catchin’ you
thanks to jay-z and beyonce knowlesand solange knowles tomorrow eminem,
spankin’ new close’s big we’ll see you then and new video from busta-bust,
too that’s our show thank you.

>> Peace and love.

Carson:So long everybody


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