Beyonce Talks Austin Powers & Eminem

Entertainment Tonight spoke with Destiny’s Child star about her first day on the set of ‘Austin Powers Goldmember’ which wasn’t the most pleasurable experience. “Oh, god! I was so scared,” she admits. “All these people are there and the cameras are there and everybody’s like, ’cause your a singer and they don’t want to respect you as an actress when you know, so everybody’s looking like ‘hmm, why did she get the part?'”

As for filming the intimate scene where Mini-Me had a moment with one of her body parts, Beyonce admits, “That was one of those scenes where every day, you’re looking at the call sheet and hoping it’s not that day. It wasn’t as embarrassing for me as I think it was for Vern.”

Finally, Knowles addressed talk that linked her to rapper Eminem. “No, I never dated Eminem,” she said. “I said hi to him at a party. People make small things seem bigger than they are.”

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