Beyonce Visits ‘The Tonight Show’

Beyonce Knowles in a dress

Destiny’s Child star visited ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Wednesday (February 14) to promote her appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue. Beyonce also discussed Valentine’s Day, being on ‘Star Search’, her mother designing the swimsuits, how she deals with paparazzi, the success of ‘Dreamgirls’, meeting Diana Ross, and more. Read on for a rough transcript.

Jay: All righty. Welcome back. My first guest, a very popular, talented
singer and actress. She’s on the cover on the highly anticipated “sports
illustrated” swimsuit issue. She can also be seen in “dreamgirls,” which
is playing in theaters just about everywhere. And that’s not enough —
won a a grammy on sunday night. Please welcome beyonce!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Well, happy valentine’s day.

Beyonce: Happy valentine’s day.

Jay: In fact, I have some lovely perfume. Cod water.

[ Laughter ] That is the hottest perfume out there today.

Beyonce: Okay. Thank you.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: There you are. Now, big plans for valentine’s night? What are you
doing? Anything?

Beyonce: I have a special valentine by the name of jay leno.

Jay: Oh!

[ Cheers ]

Beyonce: I’m here with you. This is how I’m spending my valentine’s

Jay: Why, thank you very much.

Beyonce: And I got me nice perfume already.

Jay: That’s right.

[ Laughter ] See, now, I want to ask you about this. ‘Cause I — kevin
and I were discussing this this afternoon. We think guys get — well, I
guess we get screwed on valentine’s day. That sounds bad. But —

[ Laughter ] No. When I was a kid, it used to be you’d exchange valentines.
Men and women. Now, it just seems likevery commercial — it’s all for women.
I don’t see “hey, get snap-on power tools, get your guy a –” it’s always
diamonds and chocolate. There’s nothing for the guys.Am I correct?

[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you, guys.

Beyonce: I’m sorry.

Jay: I would like your opinion on that.

Beyonce: Well, I think, you know, it’s about the ladies. Definitely,
we deserve it. And I like to dopecial things on valentine’s day.

Jay: Really?

Beyonce: Really thoughtful things. I like to write songs.

Jay: Write songs.

Beyonce: I love those little picture movies, putting together, yo know,
all of the photographs in imovie.

Jay: All right, okay. Yeah, yeah.

Beyonce: Yeah, very sentimental.

Jay: If I was a guy, I’d probably want a little more than that, but
you know —

[ Laughter ] Was it a big day when you were a kid? Like — like when
you were in second grade and third grade? Did you — ’cause I remember
being in school, all the kids

Beyonce: Yeah.

Jay: I guess that’s now — it’s harassment. You can’t do it. But did
you do that? Was there like a special boy when you were 7 or 8?

Beyonce: I was really Y.

Jay: Really?

Beyonce: Yeah, I was. I was shy. I mean, we did our little candies and
gifts, but it was — I was too shy until guys, I was really shy.

Jay: So there was no one valentine you gave to a boy? Did you ever give
it to a boy and he was like, “what is this?”

Give anything.

Jay: Really?

Beyonce: Yeah.

Jay: Okay. But I know you started like 6, 7, 8?

Beyonce: 7, yeah.

Jay: 7, okay.

Beyonce: My first performance was at my school and my parents never
saw me perform. And they were completely shocked, because I just became
someone else on the stage.

Jay: Really?

Beyonce: Yeah. Went away?

Beyonce: Yeah, it did, and I fell in love with performing.

Jay: Wow, okay. Now, you must have played a lot of unusual gigs as a

Beyonce: Very, very unusual gigs. I remember our first time performing
as destiny’s child. We didn’t have a name. We were 9 years old.

Jay: Rig.

Beyonce: And we were backstage, like, “what do we tell them our name
is?” And we put lipstick on and we and we were, like, “kiss, that’s the
name, kiss.” We had no idea there was ” named kiss. And we were performing
and there were kids crying and asking for their mothers and screaming,
like,we don’t want to see this.” But we were so excited to it was great.
I’m sure you’ve had crazy performances. You understand.

Jay: You know, I — when I was a kid and I was starting out, we used
to get $10 to do old oples’ birthday parties for the state.

Beyonce: $10?Jay: Yeah and we would go, like, to a state home and they
would go, “bessie, we have a a comedian! A comedian!”

[ Laughter ]

Oh, no.

Jay: And I would walk out and, like, some drug joke and it was horrible.
It would be awful.

[ Laughter ] But you did “star search,” to as a kid.

Beyonce: Yep, around that time. We were 9 years old and we lost and
we got 3 1/2 stars and —

Jay: But that’s good. You only need — but four is as

Beyonce: Yeah, it was great. I mean, it was wonderful to be a kid and
be on television, but we told all of our friends. So we were so devastated
when we lost. Our little smiles were like — and the second we got backstage,
we just bawled and and they took us to disneyworld and it was all good.
It was like nothing ever happened.

Jay: Was that your first rejection, officially?

Beyonce: Yes.

Jay: ‘Cause I’d imagine, you’re a kid, everybody applauds, even if you’re
terrible, erybody applaud. So you get to “star search,” you just assume
you’re going to win, right?

Beyonce: Of course. Absolutely, we were gonna win. It was so unfair,
but, you know, it’s life.

Jay: It was unfair? What was unfair?

Beyonce: It was unfair ’cause we knew we were going to win. We were
kids, you know, but it was a wonderful lesson to be so young, ’cause that
is reality.

Jay: Well, congratulations on the grammy award. That’s pretty good.
At’s very exciting.

Beyonce: Thank you, thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Now what number is cf1 o this? How many you have won?

Beyonce: I’ve won ten. Ten grammys.

Jay: You got ten of them? Now where do you keep ten? After a while it
becomes — five — are they all together? Do you have them dispersed throughout
the house?

Beyonce: They’re actually at my mother’s house

Jay: Okay. All in one spot?

Beyonce: Yep, she has a room with kelly’s awards from destiny’s child
and my sister’s awards. All of our awards.

Jay: Oh, that’s cool. There you go. And the, of course, “sports illustrated.”
That’s another one.

Beyonce: “Sports illustrated.”

Jay: We’ll take a break. More with beyonce right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ] ñó

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. We’re talking with beyonce. She’s on the cover of
the “sports illustrated” swimsuit issue. How did this come about? This
was such a surprise.

Beyonce: I know.

Jay: ‘Cause we — we, you know, we break it on our show. We’ve done
it every year. And I didn’t know until the day the magazine — how did
you keep this a secret?

Beyonce: It was very hard, ’cause I was so excited. You grow up seeing
those issues and they’re so amazing and it’s crazy that I was able to be
on the cover. It’s amazing for me. They called and they said they were
doing a music issue.

Jay: Right.

Beyonce: And they asked — they said they didn’t know if I’d be willing
to wear the swimsuit.

Jay: Right.

Beyonce: I said, you know, I would for “sports illustrated,” because
it’s so classy. And my mother actually designed all of the swimsuits.

Jay: Oh, is that right?

Beyonce: Yeah. House of dereon. We have a clothing line.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Now were you — were you nervous about doing it?

Beyonce: I was — well, a little bit, but I asked, could I work with
the photographer I was comfortable with. Cliff. And everyone was so sweet.
And it just — you know, they’re iconic photographs. So I’m very happy.

Beyonce: J: No, they’re beautiful. My question is — I mean, your life
is so public. Every time you — the paparazzi follows you everywhere. How
dithey not follow you to the shoot and figure out, “a-ha, she’s gonna be
the ‘sports –”

Beyonce: I don’t know. They didn’T. It’s great and we were in miami.
It wasn’t like we were somewhere very far away.

Jay: Oh, okay. Okay.

Beyonce: So maybe it was just too obvious.

Jay: Okay. Now, we have some photos right here. These are some of the
pictures. This one here. You know, at first, I didn’t realize that was
your elbow.

[ Laughter ]

Beyonce: Oh, no!

Jay: That was tricky. That’s a nice one. Now this one here, I like this
one here. This is —

Beyonce: That was fun.

Jay: That’s the same sign the astronaut made when they asked, “what’s
in the diaper?”

[ Laughter ] “One beer, one beer, please.” Very nice. Let me ask you
a question about this one. It’s very pretty. All of the women had the same
question — how do you put that suit on?

Beyonce: My mother actually — it was just a piece of fabric and she
just whipped it around that way.

Jay: Oh, okay. ‘Cause it looks like —

Beyonce: It should come with instructions.

Jay: Yeah, okay. All right.

[ Laughter ] And this one is — oh, these are all very pretty.

Beyonce: Thank you.

Jay: Okay.

Beyonce: It’s so quiet.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: You look think you’re — well, you look like you’re saying to kevin,
“I’m sorry, somebody’s already sitting here.”

[ Laughter ] “I’m sorry, this part of the beach is taken, sir. I’m sorry.
I’m sorry very much.” Well, they’re all — and they’re just beautiful.
Beautiful. And your mom did a nice job on the suits, as well.

Beyonce: Thank you.

Jay: Now, “dreamgirls,” obviously a big hit and a a huge hit.

[ Cheers and applause ] Now, I heard you had to audition for that part.
Is it true?

Beyonce: I did, yes. They were afraid that because I was a celebrity
that people wouldn’t believe me as a a different character. So, I had to
audition and I was happy to.

Jay: Okay.

Beyonce: I felt like I earned it.

Jay: Yeah.

Beyonce: Which was great for me becoming an actress. And I worked with
eddie murphy and jamie. And they were all great actors. And jennifer hudson
is incredible. And the mov is nominated for eight oscars. And it’s just
— it was such a a great experience and a a learning experience for me,
because it’s new and I still get — you know, I feel like it’s me starting
all over again. So it keeps my life exciting.

Jay: Now it’s based loosely on the supremes, of course. Now, did you
get a chance to meet miss ross? Diana ross.

Beyonce: I have.

Jay: Really?

Beyonce: Actually, a couple years before I did the film and actually
while I was fming. And she’s just a beautiful woman and so talented, her
voice is incredible. And she was very supportive.

Jay: Yeah. Were you nervous about meeting her?

Beyonce: Very nervous. You know, after you watch so many movies and
— because I studied her.

Jay: Right.

Beyonce: It was like she wasn’t real and she was right there and I was
terrified. I think she sensed that, so she sweet.

Jay: Cool. Well, let’s show a scene from “dreamgirls.” This is where
— okay, explain what’s happening in this scene. Do you know this scene?

Beyonce: Yes. This is where curtis wants my character, dea, to play
this part that’s kind of silly and she feels like she is grown and he doesn’t
know who she is.

Jay: Let’s take a look.

Beyonce: I know how much time you’ve invested in this movie, but I can’t
play that part.

Beyonce: I promised you I was going to make you a movie star, right?
Cleopatra’s gonna get us there. I mean, this is the queen of a a nation,
not a hooker junkie maid.

Beyonce: I know, I know. It’s a very important story.

Beyonce: And it’s more than you. Think about all of the beautiful black
women that ain’t even born yet. When they grow up, they’re gonna say, “I
can play any part I want to look at deena jones, she did it.”

Beyonce: But it’s ridiculous. Come on. She’s 16 years old for most of
the movie.

Beyonce: Well, baby, you will always be 16 to me.

Beyonce: Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe you just don’t see me for who
I am.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Very nice job. I know — I know you have to go now and I appreciate
you coming. You were up until 7:00 this morning shooting a video and I
appreciate you running over here to do this. And don’t forget your beautiful
cod water.

[ Cheers and applause ] Beyonce. Be right back with charles barkley,
right after this.

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