Beyonce Was A Shy Kid

Destiny’s Child star ’ mother Tina spoke about her daughter to Us Weekly. “Beyonce was really shy as a kid, and that surprises people,” Tina said. “She used to like to sit and draw. She was the silent, artistic type. She was so shy that [her father] Mathew and I were surprised that she wanted to be a singer. But the first time we saw her onstage at 7, she became a different person.”

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10 thoughts on “Beyonce Was A Shy Kid

  1. brionna gray says:

    Hi Beyonce my name is Brionna I’m 15 and all I want to do is sing when I get older! I absolutely love your voice and I believe you are my role model!!!!! I’ll be looking forward to speaking with you soon!

  2. latroya says:

    Hi, Beyonce I love your music your style I really want to meet u. I read your story about some of your life an I am the same way I am very shy too.. I want to be a singer to just for the record I am 12 years old.

    I love you.

  3. TamaraRice says:

    hey b! my name is Tamara Rice, I am a huge fan of your music, and your voice. It’s too much but I can handle it:) I also want to meet you, and I also want to become a singer just like you. Well I got to go. I love you Beyonce.

  4. natasha says:

    you look pretty no homo

  5. yaa oduro says:

    Dear Beyonce,
    You are the best singer/actress ever I want to be just like you I live in Dallas well I’m moving to Dallas you are my role model I love you Beyonce.

  6. yaa oduro says:

    Beyonce you are so cool!!!!!!

  7. yaa oduro says:

    You are so pretty

  8. Darius H says:

    Beyonce you are a really cool person your pretty and hope you have a good career talk to you later love you bye

  9. gabby says:

    You are awesome can’t wait to see you cousin

  10. asia says:

    Hi my name is Asia I am 11 years old I am a big fan of yours I love your music your dance moves and every thing you do if I met you I would fall out so don’t think I died or any thing.

    love Asia

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