Beyonce Will Never Lose Steam

Admin note: This story was anonymously submitted.

Destiny’s Child star is proving to be no less than an unstoppable force of nature. The booty-shakin is getting tired, yes, but one expired dance move has little to do with longevity.

Her detractors can make up any petty excuse to dismiss her, but there are a few things that cannot be ignored. Beyonce is an extraordinary singer, performer and beauty. In an industry where only one of the mentioned criterion is necessary for success, I’d say she’s here to stay… and probably on top.

Her personality is boring to me, and I prefer singers like Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys because they have more edge and take more risks. Even so, I still respect Beyonce and sit awed at her every entertainment endeavor. The girl simply nails it every time her stillettos hit the stage.

We should openly support and embrace such a dazzling, well-rounded recording artist because we’re not likely to see another singer of her caliber this lifetime-or the next.

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